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Ron Paul Supporters - Start Running For Office!

I'm calling on all Ron Paul supporters, young and old to start running for office. Start off small. Start off at the local government to get experience like Town Council. Rise up. Be honest. Smile and talk to people. Shake their hands. Use your libertarianism to guide you.

No matter what happens with Ron Paul now, if all of the Ron Paul supporters start running for office in every state and every town, our country will be better off in the long run.

Imagine bringing the will of the people to forefront? Imagine making Ron Paul's dream of a limited government with no wars come to fruition?

If Ron Paul never wins the presidency, his biggest legacy will be what he left behind. A bunch of wacky, not good for America, loony, cult-like group of people running the greatest country on Earth... and running it well.

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thats how the Revolution will live on - thru us

we need to keep spreading the message of liberty and be a part of the Govt. thats how real change will come.

Dr.Ron Paul's 2002 Predictions

We all should stick together

We all should stick together too.

Get each others contact info. Support one another. Do what Ron would do.

End the Fed. End the Wars. Problems Solved. Ron Paul.

but now lets focus that the campaign needs $$$

lets have a New Year toast to Ron Paul mini bomb

Believe me, it works

I took Dr. Paul's advice in 2007 when I heard him speaking about all of us going back to our own districts and getting involved in local politics. Looking around our area, I found other like-minded people and we set out to make changes. Actually, it was a revolution - a total reversal of the former political leaders - they are gone! It has been almost effortless and almost magical the way the entrenched politicians were overwhelmingly defeated in elections these past 4 years. TRUTH prevails!

"Nothing is as it appears; everything is smoke and mirrors"

My thoughts exactly. I'm

My thoughts exactly. I'm already starting towards town council responsibilities.

End the Fed. End the Wars. Problems Solved. Ron Paul.

It would be good to have

It would be good to have someone in every town to be a guiding voice in local politics in the event of a currency crisis. Be able to talk about:

Food supply lines (famers and food storage)
Local Currency (nickels or other metal coins, something)
Protecting private property

I agree!

People should run for office - local offices are sometimes available. I would also consider applying for local committees - some of the local government committees are crying for people and it gives you a record of accomplishment. Also consider your elected soil and water conservation commissioner - in many states it is elected.

Check out this blog entry:


Thanks, Sandy Sanders

Sandy Sanders

Also water board and

Also water board and sanitation board and fire department board of directors.

These all have taxing powers.

Was Precinct chair 08 tru 10'

Was Precinct chair 08 tru 10' lost 10 tru 12 by 12 votes, am back on the ballet for 12 tru 14.

“It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds”
-Sam Adams

Keep trying

Keep going. Don't give up.

Your title is the Revolution in a nut shell

One day, Ron Paul will shed his mortal coil- but his presidency wont be as big a part of his legacy as will his inspiration to generations to come. He is but one man, but from his work there will be many Ron Paul's sprouting up everywhere. He has set the standard.


....and what a legacy!



I couldn't of said it better. :)

Yes you could have..what does

Yes you could have..what does couldn't of even mean?

That's what's up!

That's what's up!

(except that Ron Paul will win the presidency)


Ron Paul is going to win.

I Have Thought About This For A While Now

If we are going to change this country from the top down.. why not also work it from the ground up.



Local and state campaigns are

Local and state campaigns are much cheaper to run than national campaigns. I've thought about this before and we could use the national organization we have to vett candidates and push funding. I'm not saying we need to start a party because like George Washington I don't believe in political parties because it ruins the message of liberty. But we have thousands of supporters qualified to run for house and senate seats. Run as Republicans run as independents it doesn't matter. Think if in 2012-2014 we send 100 new congressman to Washington and hundreds more at local and state government.

The fright doesn't end with Dr. Paul. And if Ron Paul doesn't win this time (which I'm working hard so he will) we can reset the gears to send Rand to the Whitehouse in 2016.

Rand Paul

I will support Rand as well.

It would be great to send more and more Ron Paul supporters who believe in liberty and freedom to local and state government. That's how we start out.

Member of the Free State Project and on two boards already

I don't post much here but I thought I would praise this idea and tell you how easy it is. I am on the conservation commission and the zoning board for my town here in NH. The idea of the Free State Project is to get as many of us into local and state gov to really start making a difference. Through this campaign I have learned a lot about delegates and will pursue that as well, although I have a hard time joining the GOP, I would to change the party to reflect values more in line with the Constitution. Through Chipins and other ways we could help each other get into state legislatures around the country. Unlike other "movements" around these days, this is truly revolution happening, and this site and the supporters for RP will carry it all the way!

free state project member

Start the Revolution!

I like the idea of helping each other out too. :)

Ye, it is great fun!

I'm 24 yers old. I was a 2008 RP state delegate in Washington. I ran for Vancouver City Council this year against Mr. Public/Private Partnership himself and had a great time exposing his wonderful accomplishments in debt spending and crony capitalism. I raised $6000 vs. his $20,000 and recieved 43% of votes with a loud-spoken populist freedom platform. Visit my campaign pages and email me for ideas on running a future attack campaign:

<3 1337n00b!

Folks, I can vouch for this "kid". He packs a wallop! Keep an eye on him -- and consider helping him out in his future endeavors. He's way ahead of most politicians and yep, just getting started! Heck, I hardly even knew what I thought politically at his age!

What is begun in anger, ends in shame.

I want to interview you for my blog

I blog for varight.com - write about ICLEI/Agenda 21 and Ron Paul. I admire you for running against the incumbent and read your stuff a bit.

Please let me know by email - ssanders@varight.com.

Sandy Sanders

Sandy Sanders


You're only 24. You have a lot of time to win elections. I will go to your pages. :)

Also, ....

... Forget about being someone special or credentialed. What matters is your ideas and your convictions on standing up for them.

It's not the candidate its the idea of Liberty and Freedom

and Ron Paul is the only one that stands for Both
Ron Paul for 2012 and hopefully his idea's spark a fire that never goes out

It will never burn out!

Liberty and freedom is the only way. :)

This is what Ron Paul

This is what Ron Paul recommend us to do after the 2008 campaign. We planted the seeds in 2008 and it bore fruit in 2010. Not only did Rand Paul and Justin Amash win in the national level, but look at the legislators in New Hampshire and Iowa that worked with the Paul 2008 campaign and won in 2010 that are now endorsing him. We learned our lessons from 2008 and now are close or ready to win the first caucus/primary election of the season and nobody outside of the Ron Paul supporters thought it was possible. Running and winning on this platform does work and there are plenty of example of that happening.