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Just what Ron Paul needs - Latest Polls

The latest polls showing Mitt Romney gaining steam are exactly what the Paul campaign needs right now.

Many of you ask why? Perception. Romney is now perceived as the one who will win Iowa. If this view holds going into the caucus, then when Romney loses to Paul, it WILL be considered as an upset. It will hurt Romney going into New Hampshire and it will help boost Paul's momentum in that same state.

The polls significantly underestimate Paul's organization, his Independent and Democrat support, and his young persons support. All these factors, as well as many others, will lead to many more supporters to attend the caucus than expected, as well as the fact that the solid organization on caucus night will bring many undecided voters over to our camp. I'm expecting a big victory.

That latest CNN poll where Romney lead Paul 25-22 is one of the best things i've heard. I never knew that Paul polled so highly among REPUBLICANS ONLY. That Ron Paul is only 3 points behind Romney is SIGNIFICANT because our strength is not with Republicans, it is with Independents and Democrats. Among these groups, Ron Paul dominates Romney in support.

So guys, consider Romney's gains in the polls as a good thing, because when Paul wins, it will help him far more than if he won when he was considered the front runner going into the caucus.

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Or is it the introduction for

them to steal the vote and say, we told you so.
Romney was ahead you know.

My thoughts exactly

We can only hope that the campaign knows what it's doing, since it downplayed concerns about vote fraud & discouraged people from being vote-count observers, saying uncoordinated actions hurt the campaign. The video up a few days ago from a veteran of Iowa elections said he knew they were going to try to steal it, so I'm somewhat concerned.


way to stay positive but by your logic the lower the polls show Paul under Romney the better? Therefore our victory is considered an even bigger upset. Your statement implies that our Iowa victory is absolute. Just sayin'.

I don't think that was a

I don't think that was a necessary implication of the posters logic whatsoever. He wasn't saying that the poorer Ron Paul polls, the better.

Paul's 22% vs Romney's 24% or 25% among KNOWN Republicans (those who have traditionally voted GOP) is still good numbers and means Paul is set for a win once independents and disenfranchised Dems crash the party. That was his point. And if Romney polls in first:
1)his less enthusiastic supporters may choose not to make a big effort on caucus day, thinking the thing is in the bag.
2) he will be seen as the front runner, making a win by Paul more news-worthy amongst the boneheaded media types.

The poster was definitely not saying that the lower Paul polls among Republicans the better. It is obvious that there would come a point when not enough independents and ticked off Dems would be able to overcome a striking deficit among GOP voters.

"I never knew that Paul

"I never knew that Paul polled so highly among REPUBLICANS ONLY."
Why can't Republicans in other states think to themselves that if Paul is doing so good where he is actually meeting and talking with fellow Republicans one on one, then maybe, just maybe, the main stream media is distorting the truth and I should take the time to look into his record and stances on the issues instead of letting FOX do my thinking for me?

Absolutely right!

I wish they would just have an honest look at the man.

It might also motivate

people to work harder. I'm worried they'll think it's in the bag and not be worried about showing up or finding others to show up.

They need to drop an anti-mitt add by Monday

give it a 24 hour saturation....


I would love to see that. I don't care about bringing over the Gingrich supporters or the Romney supporters or any other supporters for that matter. What matters is that the undecided voters, who can literally decide this election, will not want to vote for such a man.

That is the key to the ads: killing off Romney's chances of grabbing many undecideds and giving them to Paul. We would destroy Romney then!



Matt Lauer tried to use some

Matt Lauer tried to use some very warped logic when he said 'a win for Romney would be huge because he didn't really campaign in Iowa, while a win for Paul would be... well, it's Ron Paul"....

Matt, you should be better than that.

Plus, there are the "drifters"

There is also a significant number of "drifters" that went from Bachmann to Perry to Cain to Gingrich and now Santorum and Romney... obviously they are not that committed, while most of the Paul support is highly committed. That could make a difference at the caucuses, in our favor.

"Know what you know, know what you don't know, and understand and appreciate the distinction."






ya, in some ways good for us !
but we need to keep working !

Dr.Ron Paul's 2002 Predictions

Not sure why any of you have

Not sure why any of you have confidence in the count/results anyway. Smoke and mirrors. The oligarchs will have there way... PERIOD.

I agree with the post.

But in reply to FormerlyBrainWashed:

My friend, don't be discouraged. We are all over this. As a reminder, we have sites like www.transparentvote.net and people in every precinct to ensure the vote tabulation is accurate. We won't get cheated this time!!!

John F

You're missing the point. The

You're missing the point. The RNC is under no obligation to nominate him even if he wins every primary. Makes no difference. Aside from that, the whole damn process is a joke.


"Participation is an instrument of [government] conquest because it encourages people to give their consent to being governed . . . . Deeply embedded in people's sense of fair play is the principle that those who play the game must accept the outcome. Those who participate in politics are similarly committed, even if they are consistently on the losing side. Why do politicians plead with everyone to get out and vote? Because voting is the simplest and easiest form of participation [of supporting the state] by masses of people. Even though it is minimal participation, it is sufficient to commit all voters to being governed, regardless of who wins. "

No matter what - this whole coercive scheme is antithetical to liberty no matter how limited.

The RNC is under no obligation to nominate him

If enough of us go to the precinct and county conventions, WE CAN BE THE RNC! It doesn't take that many, the Nevada Convention had a majority of Paul supporters last time. The "base" is not going to be fired up with Mitt, we must be their delegates.

If we get enough delegates to

If we get enough delegates to go to the national convention, they pretty much HAVE to nominate him, right?


Your point is taken, but there is another factor that you are not considering, and its HUGE. Namely, public perception. Even in this fake democracy, there is still comparatively a lot of power in the hands of the people. The internet is key. If Ron begins stacking up primaries, they couldn't get away with throwing him under the bus. Why? The people have spoken. If they blatantly disregard this, there will be BLOWBACK.

Remember the Florida debacle in 2000? That was just one state. If they want to disregard the entire popular vote and steal delegates, there will be BLOWBACK. Sounds like you're saying it doesn't matter even if Ron Paul wins in a landslide. I think you couldn't be more wrong. The media and the Establishment are losing credibility with the people. This is a revolution, and before it is all over, it will be the people that overthrow the system.

By the way, Ron Paul will never settle for some deal at the convention if it means he is stripped of the nomination. He would then run third party and call on his supporters to do battle.

You say they are not "obligated" to nominate him even if he wins big. Really? They are absolutely obligated. I don't know what they will try to pull, but they also have an obligation to at least seem like they are letting the system work. This is not quite the Soviet Union YET. Our greatest asset is popular opinion. It still counts in this country, albeit less and less each day that passes. We have not yet become the Orwellian Oceania. If we had, there wouldn't even be a pretense of fair play. Why would they need to give lip service to things like the Constitution? Yet they still do. That is to our advantage.

John F

No need too.

John Fowler, I was going to respond to the above post, but you did such an excellent job that I did not need to.

Thank you!

I find this post suspicious and borderline offensive

and I am coming to suspect that you, who have been a member here for a whole seven days, may merely be a troll trying to spread doubt, discouragement and surrender to the Establishment with your repeated "it's hopeless" comments here. Please prove me wrong.

they will have their way....

right up until the moment when my foot gets planted directly into their ass.

gotta love That 70's Show.....if it can be said on tv, then i ASSume i can say it here.

Do we just give up then?

No. We all realise what we're up against. Ron Paul has been up against it for 30 years by himself. And if he had that mentality that you have shown in your post (i'm not saying you have it personally), then we would not be on the cusp of an historic revolution. Rather, we would be on a guaranteed decent into tyranny.

Ron Paul is not naive. He knows how hard it will be, he knows of the dangers he has put himself in, but he has not given up because he believes what he is fighting for and will not give up no matter how hard the task.

He hears the boos, he hears the war drums beat for death by professed Christians, he hears the attacks come from every single angle, he hears it all and he hears enough to leave any person in despair for humanity and give up on what many would feel is a lost cause, but he still keeps on fighting.

So as impossible as the task may seem, we can't give up...PERIOD.

So we should all just give up

So we should all just give up now?

Not sure where you are coming from with this.


I am confident our supporters, who have learned about the caucus process, will go to their caucus and vote our supporters to the next level. This is how we get delegates.

It's about the delegates.

If they do, the oligarchs will be dead after this election.

Occupy Wall Street is just the beginning. Look at the HUGE increase in firearms sales in this country over the last 10 years. It has mushroomed even more over the last few months.
Gerald Celente is right, when he says, "When people feel they have nothing to lose, they lose it."

California just opened up concealed carry permitting

They're backed up all the way to July.

When a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by this sign: that the dunces are all in confederacy against him. ~J. Swift

ecorob's picture

is sanitorium really at 15%?


i'll have to see it...

i'm expecting 35% for Dr. Paul, if not more

i don't think thats unrealistic

even with the main stream liars acting like romney has a following while ignoring the good doctor's OVERFLOWING crowds every night

sheer lunacy that these liars can get away with this blantant misrepresentation of the American people on a nightly basis

this is a helluva fight..either way, the lame street loses, they just won't accept it

Ron Paul

Count the vote, watch the count!

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

Paul 35%?

Would you like to place a wager on Paul getting 35%? I think he'll get closer to 25%. Post here if you have confidence in your 35% number.