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"Adjusted" CNN Poll: Paul 26% Romney 22%

CNN's skewed reporting (I know, we're shocked):


"the stories CNN told by their headlines were substantially driven by their decision to exclude Democrats and independents from their polling, and therefore, it remains true that the CNN headlines were substantially misleading."

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Check out THIS comment on this article

"CNN needed to manufactur­e a Romney lead and a Santorum surge. Maris polling is connected to Bain Capital, a Romney company. Any questions? LOL
I've seen another network claim that Romney was speaking to packed houses. They showed a bit of a Ron Paul venue, which really was packed, standing room only, about 750 people, veterans and active military mostly, and many other Iowa supporters­. Then they showed the Romney venue, maybe 50 people there, and that was it. They also showed Santorum and his surge, about a dozen people in a room.
It's as if no matter the visual evidence running behind the reporter, they still lie thinking their words will fool us. It's so outrageous­.
Thanks Robert for journalist­ic integrity. Happy New Year! VOTE For RON PAUL 2012"

Director ADMITS 1/3 of votes NOT being polled


http://watchthevote2012.com/ is going to have people in all the counties and do a separate count online.

Busting VOTE FRAUD would be HUGE!!!




CNN HLN Just Lied AGAIN! Said their poll had Mitt on top!

Ron Paul not even mentioned.


Romney may win Iowa

Unfortunately, it looks as if Romney may win Iowa. Fox reported yesterday that Romney's camp has scheduled interviews the day after the caucus and indicated that it means they are expected a strong showing for Romney.

As Romney tends to hide from interviews as he can't take the heat and Paul and his team has been silent on the media attacks and Iran amd Romney for the last several days and perhaps other GOP ploys, I think it is a possibility that Paul will come in second.


The news is skewing the news to serve their wicked evil kings.

When this election is over there need to be a complete a thorough investigation of the NOT SO "Free Press".

It is time for the government to remove all subsidies/Gov. commercials and for the FCC to remove ALL systematic protections for these corporatist beasts and let them try to "cross the road" (compete in the news business) on their own.

TRADITIONALLY this is a good

TRADITIONALLY this is a good philosophy. Seldom, if ever, would Democrats or Independents caucus with Republicans. But of course we know Dr. Paul is different.

Work harder and shock the world. It's no fun to be the frontrunner anyway. :-)

Left my radio on last night and kept waking up on and off and

every time they talked about Iowa, they said Mitt Romney is the frontrunner/leader in polls.

Romney's numbers are based

Romney's numbers are based upon French support.He also leads the pack overwhelmingly among socialists, anti gun, and those who share mass layoffs which sends stocks soaring up.

You have to realize that the reason they did that was for the

Weekend and holiday newscycle.

Too late to correct via weekend news,

however via the Internet we should be able to fix by noon today, so get to work

I kind of...

wish they didn't correct CNN with the poll. This way when Ron Paul does win, we'll make an ass out of CNN and there stupid polls.

The Libertarian Party, irrelevant since 1971.

I'm with you on that.

I'm with you on that.


What a relief this is! I've been on edge for a few hours now.

Do you think Romney will fly back to Iowa now?

He thought he had this thing all locked up... lol

No Romney, Paul will win Iowa, you will win New Hampshire..... and the shocker of the century will be found in South Carolina when Ron Paul takes that one too! Romney you rush off to Florida only to find that the charming Doctor Paul has wooed the elderly crowd EVEN IN PALM SPRINGS!

Come Super Tuesday, it will be Ron Paul.

Come election time with Barack Husein Obama, the American people will have, for the first time in over 100 years, A REAL CHOICE. Minorities and the Elderly will decide this election.

Hold on to your hats ladies and gentlemen, we have the tiger by the tail, and she is about to stand up....


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Thanks, HuffPo

You really keep us on our toes, huh? This is good reporting.

It's my policy to click on articles deemed favorable to Ron Paul

rewarding the kind of journalism I want to see.

That is why I refused to join the "Swear off HuffPo" movement. Some articles are worth looking at there.

Unlike The Weekly Standard, say, where nothing is worth looking at.

"substantially misleading"

You can say that again!

"If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone." - Romans 12:18

Brilliant article that explains why we love Dr. Paul: