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Watch: Ron Paul - Iowa Vote Fraud

This is interesting and I think you should watch it!


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This gets a hummm bump


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What the? > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6MTIwY3_-ks

Now there are at least 3 independant vote tallies

People need to coordinate with.



Blackboxvoting.org see below


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Remember to coordinate with VoteAudit.org!


"Make sure your vote counts! VoteAudit.org ... permanently archive your local caucus."
Submitted by rockon on Fri, 12/30/2011

Some more info

Found this article that helps to ease my concerns a little:


Looks like they will still count votes at each precinct with the supervision of campaign officials, and we have an effort to assign someone to each of the 99 or so precincts.

All we can do is hope this is done with integrity =(

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Votes are stolen at every election

Nobody could possibly have this under control. Period.

Ron Paul always says that he is just one man and the campaign can only do so much. We the people have to make the difference. Simple as that.

If the campaign says they don't need any more supporters to sign up for Iowa then maybe that is true but that doesn't mean we should stop talking to friends or stop wearing T-shirts or stop doing everything we can to secure the win. It is just ignorant to believe one man or one campaign can change the direction of a country and Ron Paul himself has said so again and again.

How does it make sense to be fighting for liberty by handing over our liberty to one person or one campaign? It goes against everything Ron Paul has ever taught us. How easy would we be to control if we blindly follow one leader? Isn't this exactly what got us into this mess in the first place?

Think for yourselves and do your best. That's all.

The Paul campaign said they

The Paul campaign said they have everything under control. Why is everyone having a panic attack?


this is about as conspiracy minded as you can get. IA caucuses are better monitored than any vote with political observers (ie, candidate reps) at every step of the way. And given we expect a significant number of voters on our side there will be additional backup of what the tally was at each caucus site.

As to primary voting states - have you considered becoming an official election observer or better still, one of the people who actually helps with the process on election day? If you are that concerned about vote rigging you are better off to be on the inside than the outside looking in.

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But then someone else came on here

very recently, and said there were 'infiltrators'. They did not say they didn't need more volunteers. Any messages that say 'we've got it handled, we don't need anymore help, were most likely untrue.

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Well, this is straight from

Well, this is straight from the Campaign. Matt Collins was the one who said to not worry about vote counting and leave that up to the campaign. Collins works for the Campaign for Liberty. Ron Paul himself also posted on his official facebook page to not worry about vote counting either.

I understand their concerns. Because in a Campaign whereas the Grassroots is as huge as ours, it's EXTREMELY important things don't get out of hand and people go off in directions that actually hurt the cause. Howard Dean in 04 is the biggest example.

The guy who said there were 'infiltrators', I would check who sent it, because I don't think he's as credible as Collins and Ron Paul here.

Also, if it was an infiltrated message, you'd think Collins or Paul would notice and issue a retraction statement.

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The "infiltrator" claim was BS

The same post left here on DP that sparked that claim, by Matt Collins (of the campaign) was also posted on Ron's Facebook page as well.

The person claiming "infiltration" has no credentials or ties to the campaign to offer.

Sunny, one of our mods, called the campaign and was basically told the same thing that Matt's post said.

Exit Polls?

Why don't we do some exit polling across Iowa? I don't know if that is lawful to do (maybe have to keep a certain distance from the polls or something)?

Doing an exit poll in every county would give a large sample size and would show within a percentage the true outcome. If we do exit polling and it shows Paul at 28% and Romney 21%, and Romney wins... well, then we have a problem!!!

Perhaps we can entice people to the exit poll with something free like a 2012 caucus memorabilia, etc.?

Ron Paul and the Voters

ought not have to put up with this attack again. The rulers did the same thing to Ross Perot when he had a huge support base across the USA as Ron Paul has today. It is not Ron Paul or Ross Perot whom they Fear. It is the people that support them. They know that all hell will break out when Ron Paul is elected. Their whole military complex which drains the American people of resources and human life will get altered. Maybe this time will be different, but I can tell you that these cheaters do not give up easily. They have to be taken out from within. Just maybe there are some of their people who say "I've had it with them and do something about it."

God bless Ron Paul and all his family across our USA and God bless the USA please.

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Let's do an Income Tax Protest if Paul loses!

Who would like that idea?? I think it would be a great statement to show them who the real boses are here! It can't be the government! It has to be us!!

I don't get it

These posts have been going for three days.
NO ONE has told us how they are planning to make sure they don't fudge these vote counts. Who cares if someone from each campaign is at the secret location.

If we don't have a way to count the votes at the districts what difference will it make what the total is coming out of the location.

There are people posting to calm down. This is bullshit!

Did Copy the Video Link in case this discussion disappears


fearless brave joyful peaceful loving grateful, compassionate


i think not enough attention has been given to this problem. if this guy in the video is right, everything we have worked for will be lost. i can think of no reason to think he is wrong, and lots of reason to think he is probably write.


Does the Paul Camp?

Have this under control?

What are they doing to keep from having it stolen?

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Are we totally at the mercy of Iowa GOP club members,

who *might* be conscientious enough to count the ballots truthfully?!?

So much for American democracy and the rule of law that our civilization brags about to the third world. . .

Don't Be Complacent

They will steal it if you let them.

Do not depend upon campaign leadership.



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this should be headlining

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