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Motivational email to all my Iowa Ron Paul people

Below is the email I will be sending to about 30+ Iowa co-workers/family/friends the morning of the caucus. All but a couple are definately Ron Paul people and the other couple are still undecided but leaning his way. Some of them appear not so motivated to go to the caucus or at least bring their wife (which irritates the he'll out of me). I thought maybe this would help get them out:

Okay, this is going to offend some of you, but that's what I do best (so oh well).

Tonight is the Superbowl.  The  stakes are a little higher than usual though.  Most of you know exactly how serious of a problem we have on our hands, and the rest of you at least know something just isn't right in the country and the world.

You NEED to go to the Caucus and you NEED to bring whoever you can with you.  Most of your spouses are Ron Paul people and they MUST get there too.  Bring your kids if need be, there will be plenty of others there.  It doesn't matter what party you are.  Show up early and with a photo ID to change registration if need be.

You say you don't have time for it? - BULLSHIT.  You would make time if there was an emergency in your family.  And guess what - this is an emergency and your children's very future depends on this (BIG TIME).  Someday, probably not too far from now, your children will start to feel the ramifications of what your government has been doing.  Are you going to be satisfied telling them that you kind of liked the only guy that had a chance to change things, but you were too busy to vote for him in the most important vote there is?

  You say you don't take part in politics, you think the caucuses are gay and you don't think your vote matters? - Get the F**k off your couch, grow some balls and do something about it.  Your vote tonight is worth 1000 times more than the average American's.  Ordinary people (many of them who don't have sh*t) have given a lot of money and a lot of time for every single vote in Iowa (your vote is worth several hundred dollars to the cause).  Ron Paul has no corporate backing to fund his campaign; The big corporations hate everything about him because he will end their government funded gravytrain.

You say that you're not sure about some of Ron Paul's issues?  All the other candidates represent endless wars based on lies, where innocent people are blown to pieces every single day.  They represent the end of the Bill of Rights and your freedom.  They represent endless money printing and insane spending with no plan to cut anything but automatic increases in future spending.  They represent the banking interests and will dole out every penny of your money they can get to their buddies on Wall Street.  If you disagree on a few other issues, how relevant are they compared to the above list?

If Ron Paul does not win Iowa, it is over for him. Go do your duty.

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So glad your in Iowa. Love

So glad your in Iowa. Love the email and that is what it takes! You have to almost drag whoever will vote for RP to the caucus because people get busy, they forget, they want to vote for him, but tonight is not good, etc.

Hope you call them and carpool on Tuesday!!! WHAT IS THE SENTIMENT IN IOWA? ANY FEEDBACK YOU CAN GIVE US - are there really a lot of Mitt signs or is there more support for RON. Thanks MotoXdog!!! Go get em Iowans - show the country you can pick the president.

I like your spirit, but

if I was on the fence and got this email, it would just annoy the hell out of me, and probably make me vote for someone else.

Caucuses are 'gay'? Really?

"Get the F**k off your couch, grow some balls and do something about it. " Seriously?

Stay positive and drop the crude language. You can be motivational without being crude and negative.

Just my two cents.

None of these people will be

None of these people will be voting for anybody else. The couple questionable ones probably just won't go to vote and this is my last effort on them. Yes I have had a couple of them imply they thought the caucuses were gay. They went last time and couldn't stand having to listen to all the old folks praising huckabee and really just showing up cause they wanted to socialize and drink coffee (then vote for some moron that sounded the most Christian).
Most of these people are used to me being in their face and Wont be too surprized by the email. I'm just trying to give them something to think about and put a little guilt into their heads if they don't go.

Morning bump, since I wrote

Morning bump, since I wrote this in the middle of the night and don't know if anyone saw it.