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Videos: Ron Paul Sunday Jan. 1, 2012, 9am - Three (3!) Interviews: ABC, CNN & FOX!

Thanks to SaveOurSovereignty(3) for the videos:







Update: Dr. Paul will be in three places at once!

Check local listings for stations in your area.

Live Streams: http://tvpc.com/ChannelList.php


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I know it is wrong BUT

When she asks Ron "What is your prediction?" - the first thought that came to my head was - as a doctor you know he just wants to say - diabetes,stroke, heart attack.

Face the Nation

Some of the media pundits out there are predictable, but Bob Schieffer is completely out of line with the way his has handled interviews with both RP and his son. Does anyone see this as well?

Chris Wallace thinks AIDS is

Chris Wallace thinks AIDS is the "gay disease". What an ignorant ass.

I thought I was the only one

I thought I was the only one who noticed that.

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Aren't we fortunate that we don't have to rely solely on these

content-starved manipulative LSM?

Thank Goodness for SuperBrochures and websites like DP and RPF! I'm still glad that Ron had the courage to appear on these LSM shows to remind the general public that he is still in the race, but WE have to follow up with SuperBrochures & such with facts and solid infos.

*We*, RP activists, are very much an integral part of RonPaul campaign. . . while LSM are proving themselves to be less & less relevant in the world we live & think in.


Imo they are morally repugnant to a free society. To paraphrase JFK


I Am in A W E of Ron Paul

The people who interviewed Ron Paul, for the exception of Candy Crawley seem so small compared to Ron Paul. Fox and ABC News appears to have lost any credibility, i.e., if they ever had any to begin with.

fearless brave joyful peaceful loving grateful, compassionate

attack attack attack

thats all i heard !
i wonder if other candidates have such hostile interview with the sme hosts ?

Dr.Ron Paul's 2002 Predictions

National Inquirer actually has greater...

...credibility if one considers that in the last general election they, not the MSM, were the ones to break the John Edwards mistress/love child story. How might that information impacted the Democrats primary had it been responsibly reported before the third place candidate dropped out and endorsed Obama? In my opinion, the grocery store checkout line rag is un-intuitively more believable than any of the MSM outlets often considered more trustworthy.


Breaking News: Ron Paul attacks Obama

Latest straight talk from the good doctor:

Need help with some comments and embed -

LL on Twitter: http://twitter.com/LibertyPoet
sometimes LL can suck & sometimes LL rocks!
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

Dr. Paul knocks it out of the park

Dr. Paul is getting much better at handling all of this negative BS.

I can't believe the lengths this 3 major mediat outlets went to to try and smear Paul right before Iowa.

How stupid do they think people are?

Anyway, Paul handled it very well.

It takes a lot of fortitude to run for President, and this is especially true if the bipartisan establishment wants you "dead."

Way to go Dr. Paul!

And hopefully this will

And hopefully this will forever stop the nuts that think 9-11 was an inside job from keep saying that "even Ron Paul thinks so..." to try to gain more credibility. I am so tired of having to argue that with people, especially in a public setting where a handful of onlookers will just take that at face value and label Ron with it.

That was the best thing out of that interview for me personally.


Personally, it'd be wise to NOT label people as "nuts" who think 9-11 was an inside job. You're smearing THOUSANDS of architects, engineers, and others by flippantly doing so. You only look foolish. I do agree, however, that those people who do believe that 9-11 was an inside job should NOT associate Ron's name with their views.

They're "nuts" for saying

They're "nuts" for saying that Ron Paul endorses and/or believes it when there has never been any evidence of it. That was my point. I really could not care less if they themselves believe it or not, that is of little consequence.

I hardly look foolish for pointing out that it's about time for people to stop invoking names of people who don't espouse their views as defenses for their views.

I'm not smearing anyone, only pointing out that they should stop smearing Ron Paul.

This will come up again

Keep this video so we can point people to the truth about what Dr. Paul believes regarding 9/11. goo.gl/uqpcn


Denouncing an attack and asking a MSM audience to research the internet for the truth is absolutely brilliant on several levels:

a) Ron Paul dominates the internet and so finding supporting material about him is hard to miss.

b) It asks people to seek an alternative information source other than the propaganda their TV is putting out.

c) It will discredit the corporate elite media once they learn how the truth was manipulated.

I'd like to see Dr. Paul use this statement more often.

If men are good, you don't need government; if men are evil or ambivalent, you don't dare have one.

I don't know about you guys,

I don't know about you guys, but I am totally stoked thinking about RP going in for the kill and possibly a WIN on Tuesday! This is so amazing for the R3VOLution!!

I think the time has come for

I think the time has come for RP to ask during interviews like these if there is a dimes worth of difference between their "journalism" and the National Enquirer's. It may come to light that the National Enquirer reports more newsworthy items and actually asks more interesting questions than do these rags.

I am re-posting this to keep a little humor going here.

Did you see Tappers face after Ron body slammed him to the mat for the 911 conspiracy stuff? It looked like he had just sucked on a lemon or drank half a bottle of bitters. He then let a sheepish "ok" eek from his mouth and IMMEDIATELY changed the subject by asking the next question without even taking a breath.

"Thwack!!!" (the sound of Ron's hand smacking upside the head of Jake as he B-slapped him all the way from Texas, knocking Tapper into the middle of next week). Shut him down so fast the anti-lock brakes on his neck didn't even have time to engage to prevent his head from spinning. His head popped sideways and back so fast that it was beyond the frame rate of the recording device. That's why no one actually saw it but I can assure you, it happened.


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He SMOKED all three interviews!

This guy is the bombdiggety.

Ron Paul 2012!

Norfolk, VA

Time to INVESTIGATE the investigators of 9/11. PROSECUTE the prosecutors. EXPOSE the cover-up.

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Fwd: Last Grace

Forward From Rose King on the APFN Yahoogroups::





Hello folks,

Here is a rant that was written to a family member. It took off fast towards the usual Epistle. See if you can find something here that empowers you with the Light of truth:

In regards to your earlier question, do you think Ron Paul has a chance?

IF, notice the big IF we have an election without a socialist dictator declaring martial law, or another isrealli mosad sponsored false flag event like 9/11 was happening to blame Iran/Syria/Pakistan on for more unjustified war for profit ANY DAY NOW, or an economic crash as planned also resulting in martial law being declared, bank holidays, and ensuing fema camp red and blue list round ups, Ron Paul is the only and LAST CHANCE this country has of continuing on and surviving as america. If not, well, time will tell, but another ZIONIST/ROTHSCHILD/ROCKEFELLER/CFR/BILDERBURG/COUNCIL OF ROME globalist neocon RINO democrat-republican wall street bankster puppet stooge TIN HAT dictator will not do anything but continue the Project for a New American Century agenda and the steady march to world war for the psychopathic profiteers of the military industrial war complex and satanic/luciferic banksters. THERE IS A REAL CHANCE OF THIS HAPPENING EVEN BEFORE THE NORMAL ATTACK MOON-TIME IN MARCH.



TOTAL WAR FOR PROFIT AND PLUNDER FOR THE FEW. Not for us, nor for you. We can protect ourselves in a place where we really do not have much to protect our selves from, YET! And we do not need the american corporation's US army guarding every other border in the world but our own to protect us from the enemies the cia created as the "patsy" HEGELIAN DIALECTIC history has shown. We personally know of NO ONE that needs that kind of protection. Support the troops? Yes! Bring them home to their families where they can spend their money in our own country, instead of at 200 military bases all over the world. Talk about an economic boost.

We are being set up to lose this next world war and the people are to dam stupid to see what is really happening because they are glued to the mainstream socialist propaganda machine TV and TOTALLY MIND CONTROLLED to be stupid sheep following every lie that is put out there. They call it Television PROGRAMING for a reason and refer to the american people as sheeple. Remember, we no longer call this MSM, it is now ONLY to be known as the socialist propaganda machine.

It is sickenly really messed up and well beyond insanity. Those who support the killing and murdering so a few can profit will pay in eternal damnation for their complicity in the cover up and lies they ALL support. Why this once was a great country that still has reasonable people like you still believes the lies and dis-information is ludicrous to try and comprehend. If the people of this nation do not WAKE UP FAST and stop the bankster plans NOW, they will deserve the slaughter that is coming from china, or russia. All just chess pieces on a board of war games for the globalist zionist pigs that do not care who's country or whose people lives or dies. They come in and buy it all up after the destruction to further the agenda of world domination and more profits. Pop Quiz: Any smart readers here remember what happens to people, countries, and civilizations that attempt world domination? What america is doing now to other countries and their people is absolutely against the Laws of God. No argument, no excuses for perpetuating the agendas of these war mongers and slime-bags of evil running the ship into the ground.

If we could go somewhere that americans are not hated for what we like the nazis doing isreals bidding and war making have done for the last ten years, we would get out of this country as fast as we could before what happened to nazi germany happens here in the usa. The problem is, this globalist UN bankster zionist beast that is destroying this country has already destroyed every other country in the world and this next world war will eliminate the last obstacle to world domination. The USA and no one here even cares or chooses to wake up and stop the madness. Bet ya ten cents many who read this will discount it.

Freedom is soon to become a thing of the past. We will not travel anymore for fear of the babalonian govt that just wants to capture you and incorporate you into their fascist admiralty law system for profit and plunder or worse, imprisonment. With military check points popping up all over the country, one never knows if they will make it back home or not anymore. See tourism in the USA end.

So much for God and america and the freedom all of our ancestors died for. A most disturbing fact is, this satan/lucifer patronage and SUPPORT THE TROOPS attitude has done well at dividing the families of america and this will be our downfall. God is ONLY in the family unit. If you do not have a family that is ALL on the same page of agreement and harmony, you do not have the REAL GOD of Love in your house. We know this because our God does not teach us to profit and plunder our neighbor. Our God does not teach us to Kill other people and conquer countries so a few can control the world. Our God is basically summed up in one word; Love. If it is not Love, what is it?

How many people have actually read the ten planks of the communist manifesto?


Oh, and also, how does it feel to know YOUR own govt has just declared war on you? Yeah, the same one that allows torture and the soldiers to now sodomize anything with, or without legs in the new "battlefield" called called america.


(He basically says no american citizens will be arrested on his watch. Since when does this two-faced illegal alien usurper imposter tell the truth?)

"You can take that to the Bank"


Myth busted: Yes, the NDAA does apply to Americans, and here's the text that says so:


And how does it feel to know your own army is training as we speak to go to war against our own people? Listen to this army guy named Ivan that calls into the Alex Jones show and describes these drills live on radio last Friday and what he and others are doing and saying in the army.


He calls in after a few minutes where they are finishing discussing the detention law that was passed to allow the military to have sex with animals. Sounds like BS you say?



Now, this is taking away from peoples precious TV time, and it might be asking too much to take a few hours of your day to actually EDUCATE yourself, but if you can do it, the truth will set you free. Free from satans/lucifers lies and propaganda on your Television sets and in the lame stream dinosaur media. You all do know that the Greek definition of Devil means "the deceiver" right?

And PLEASE!!!! Listen now to the Veteran Joyce Riley speaking today on the radio about the depleted uranium poisoning the troops got in Iraq and are still suffering from as this guy named Ivan described about regarding his “Buddy” coming back from Fallujah above. The gulf war syndrome that the VA will not pay for the veterans coverage for is RADIATION POISONING! You will not see or hear this on the abc/cnn/fox/cbs/nbc socialist propaganda channels.

(Expand the screen and sit back and watch this excellent documentary)




All one can say is, please support the Ron Paul campaign because if you don't, you will see the end of america that you grew up in and went to war for to protect. Remember that oath thing to protect the country from enemies foreign and DOMESTIC?

If one knew all they know now simply because they do not drink the fluoride in the water or bath in it, and gets REAL information and news from the TRUTH networks and not the LYING zionist propaganda machine (7 people own all the worlds media), and one went to war like you did placing life on the line for the bankster profiteers and military industrialists that do not care if a person lives or dies, this heart would be so dam angry we would all be at the doorsteps of these ruthless psychopathic murders for profit. If everyone knew about all the corruptions and the ridiculously out of control tyranny that is TOTALLY UNCONSTITUTIONAL, they would be really active in the Truth-movement DOING all one could to stop it and not sitting at home watching the TV mind Kontrol. Now that the govt has declared war against the entire american population, maybe we ought to oblige them?

Not proud to be an american(Nazi) anymore,


PS: "War is a racket"

General Smedley Butler



---HE is the sustainer of all worlds, whether they are seen or understood by man.


Debbie's picture

The Good Doc is main stream!! He has the sentiment of the

American people! I love how he handily dispatched 3 sappers & miners in a row! Love how he laughs off Chris Wallace's propaganda, called Candy Crowley out for a demagogue and turned all these attacks around to beautifully explain his positions.

Especially love how he pointed out that the gov't is the one that promotes racial prejudice with institutionalizing of slavery, segregation, etc., then tries to handle it by violation of private property rights and showing how with a corrupt court and judicial system they are still the main propagators of racism.


I hope

Dr.Paul gets feeling better it sounded like he had a cold. I like how he shut that report down on the third video and just said don't go any further. I also like how Ron Paul admits his own error with the news thing and says he is human It seems today in the media every tries to pretend they are perfect and I am tried of it.

I cant wait till the 3rd




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Yay, it got fixed!! They said it was a "typo".

Well done to all commenters!!


When did they say that? The

When did they say that? The above video is very, very cool. Sponsors are listed, too.

I am sure

the next typo will be who wins in Iowa

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Yeah - oops!



Although it's frustrating to

Although it's frustrating to watch these so-called journalists ask the same questions over & over & over, what I hope to see more of is the way Doug Wead handled interviews the other day...

Take the negative question and re-frame it!

Ron Paul needs more practice with that, because these people will not willingly bring up important issues.

Eg, Q: Voters worry about your desire to get rid of Social Security. How will the elderly take care of themselves?
A: I have proposed legislation to protect SS funds that are being used in general revenues, to eliminate income caps on those receiving SS money, and to make SS income non-taxable. The govt has used SS funds so we won't be able to pay SS in the near future, which is why I want younger folks to be allowed to opt out and arrange for their own retirement.

Whatever the question, it needs to be re-framed &/or re-directed to show how Ron Paul's stance PROTECTS and HELPS the average American.

EDIT: I wonder, do they practice these questions on Ron Paul, prep him for the negative?

Working for US policy in the mideast that serves AMERICA's interests http://www.councilforthenationalinterest.org/

Anybody else here think Candy

Anybody else here think Candy Crowley is extremely annoying?

If you walk blindly through life, you will run into a lot of walls.