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Videos: Ron Paul Sunday Jan. 1, 2012, 9am - Three (3!) Interviews: ABC, CNN & FOX!

Thanks to SaveOurSovereignty(3) for the videos:




Update: Dr. Paul will be in three places at once!

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I gave a loud yell at my computer screen over that one.

Eric Hoffer

both my wife

and i were - mouths gaping - hands up in the air - saying WTF?!?

9/11 truth is, unfortunately for now, the third rail of politics

I'm a devoted member of the 9/11 truth movement, and I agree, the "truther" question was an obvious smear attempt. But, I think Ron Paul handled it well. As someone who has desperately wanted a new truly independent investigation of 9/11 for over 6 years, I can confidently say that Ron Paul should steer completely clear of any insinuations made by others that he believes 9/11 was an inside job. He needs to win the presidency. After that, his strong position on government transparency and the sweeping changes he will make with respect to it, should take care of the rest.

Well Stated

I'm glad you wrote this.

It saddens me that 9/11 Truth can still be used as a career-killing smear by the corporate-media scum over 10 years after that event.

It also saddens me that an intellectual, scholarly, open-minded, fair man such as Dr. Paul has no choice but to completely disavow 9/11 Truth (regardless of what he personally thinks of the topic) in order not to be completely ruined by the corporate-media scum.

Every time they ask him that question, I want him to disavow it completely and with finality, yet at the same time, it depresses me that he does it so well and with such sincerity.

But that is what needs to be done.

These criminals (whoever they may be) are guilty of far more crimes than just 9/11. Dr. Paul has been battling them (or their partners in crime) on those other fronts for decades. If they cannot be brought down for the crime of 9/11, then he may still be able to bring them down for those other crimes, or at least put a stop to those other crimes before it's too late.

Furthermore, if Dr. Paul, himself, cannot bring them down (for whatever reason), we can all take some comfort in the knowledge that he has awakened (tens of?) millions of Americans, and if even only one percent of these now incorruptible, Constitution-loving millions runs for -- and wins -- political office, they will continue the fight against these world-class criminals in much greater numbers.

i don't

know what "with the movement" means exactly, but those buildings didn't fall by themselves. i ask people to question the day - each day i live - so you could perhaps say that i am. i'd be very proud if i was, like i am of my support for Liberty and Dr. Paul - He's A Pepper. Wish I had a Dr. Pepper "turned" Dr. Paul tshirt after a late 70's vintage. Can someone get on that?

but back to the hotel..........building 7.......

science has already proven what lies start where by whom.

was given good advice to steer clear of mixing ron's message with the third rail - great analogy btw! - because the media is just grossly in control of the minds of people and it's such an owned piece.

but the cladding on this WILL indeed blow off.
and i believe it begins with ron, with us.
the slam that the lsm is about to produce upon themselves by virtue of falling off the cliff they themselves climbed will set off an insane amount of questions from more americans than ever before. this is a tricky situation. once ron has a voice from the oval office, truth will become increasingly more apart of every dinner conversation in dining room. it is not possible to forever separate the two - with no power could you afford such an endeavor as that.

you know some things - they are magnetic.

let the bastards say what they want....

because just like you and me - what ever is said - it comes back to us - one way or.....another.

I agree with you

I am not with a "movement" but I find the web site very interesting. I try to look at things from a scientific perspective to explain things.

Dr Paul needs to steer clear of any of this though.

I knew these interviews would

I knew these interviews would be hostile and they were. But Ron Paul was fantastic. I especially liked how he practically jumped at the camera and warned the interviewer to not even go there when Tapper tried to go the conspiracy theory route. Yes! In his face!!! Ron Paul did great. No one can convince me otherwise.

Great Performance

I thought RP hit just about every question out of the park. I understand the questions were about negative things, but that is what a lot of voters are wresting because of all the political attacks after Ron Paul's rise in the polls. I think his fantastically clear responses today, just before Iowa, is very encouraging.


were not after RP rise in polls. The attacks began immediatly from day one, ROn Paul rose in the polls in spite of illegal immoral unethical election fixing attempts by the owners of corporate media and the GOP. This attack was not due to RP polling better they were because RP is the only candidate that is for the people while all other candidate is a puppet of the Rich Owners of the corporations that have enslaved us.


Well, I agree that RP has

Well, I agree that RP has been attacked and marginalized all along. I just think it's gone into high gear recently as he's become a front runner.

Anyway, like I said, I think he's done a good job clarifying these misconceptions and he's done it at a great time.

I love the CBS interview

Where Ron shuts the guy down. NO. Stop right there. BOOM! YES! It's about time! That was the only response that completely neutralized that poisonous question. Very well done Ron. Not only are you perfectly sane, you demonstrated to viewers how the media is trying to slander you any way they can.

Did great

I thought he did great on these interviews. He handled the questions very well.

don't look back

when you're in it to win it. When any new software release comes out I like to read some comments before I rush to download it. Ditto for the latest lamestream liar "coverage" of Dr. Ron Paul's campaign. Thanks to my DP homies I think I'll just skip this garbage and focus on the win. Bye ABC... see you never NBC... FOX you're one hit-piece away from joining the total BOYCOTT forever of your sorry dying networks. May your chains rest lightly upon your ankles, liar media whores . . .

I hear you!

I thought I was fired up. LOL! I am soooooo done with the old media. There is more real news on the internet in one day than they provide all year on TV. I'll never visit their web pages again if I can help it also. See ya dinosaur!

Questions if Mitt Romney were Ron Paul

1) Governor, how can you expect to pull out a win in Iowa being a Mormon in a overwhelmingly Christian state?

2) Governor, given the Christian vote in Iowa and South Carolina, as well as much of the south are you, sir, electable?

3) Governor, what about the racist writings of the founder of your religion, both Joseph Smith and Brigham Young, related to blacks? Will you disavow the teachings of the founders of your religion here today?

But those AREN'T the questions they are asking Mitt Romney, ARE THEY? Huh, kind of makes you wonder, doesn't it? ;-)

More questions if Mitt was Ron

4) Governor, as an executive at Bain, you fired thousands of do you sleep at night, and why should anyone believe that you'd now grow jobs?

5) Governor, until 2007 you believed in killing babies...will you be donating $1 million to charity for every baby aborted in Mass during your term?

6) Governor, we've dug up an essay you wrote in your 3rd grade class. It says that the government should feed and cloth all the poor you truly believe that there should be a Federal program that provides clothing to Americans, and would this include socks and pantyhose?

This is unacceptable

I am NOT a Mitt Romney supporter. I support Ron Paul 100% That being said, I AM REALLY GETTING SICK OF THE ANTI-MORMON STUFF I see sometimes at this site! I am Mormon. Your facts are wrong. Neither Joseph Smith nor Brigham Young wrote anything racist about blacks. However, it should be remembered that when they were alive, almost 98% of blacks were slaves, so any comment made should be taken in that context. And MORMONS ARE CHRISTIANS! Find something else to attack Romney on and leave his religion alone!

I think what they meant is

I think what they meant is that those would be the types of questions being asked of Mitt Romney if he stood for liberty & freedom the way Ron Paul does

Working for US policy in the mideast that serves AMERICA's interests

Don't get to wound up

Remember, liberty makes for some strange bedfellows.

We're going to have a diverse crowd in these camps, and they will get more diverse.

We are united in liberty.

I for one, as a non-mormon, think that the mormon church has evolved in a good way, I think that a great many non-mormons have recognized this.

Mormons ARE Christians, period, end of story.

Anytime you see an anti-mormon post. Politely leave a brief correction, and move on.

Since I latched on to this liberty thing, my awareness of the Mormon church and what it stands for, and what they do, has increased, and I have a very positive view of it. I think a lot of DPers might be of similar thought.

Even more importantly though, I've found that because of the strange bedfellows, there are going to be people with beliefs that I don't agree with, but as long as we are bound in liberty, I will not intrude on their rights, and they will not intrude on mine. And thus, we can together move forward together carrying the banner of liberty.


I think, or at least hope,

I think, or at least hope, that the point was that it should not be acceptable to ask Romney those questions, just as Paul should get better questions. NONE of the candidates should be getting stupid questions that are meant to incriminate just in the asking.

Thanks also though for speaking out against bigotry of all kinds on this site.

Why would context be important...

...if Mitt were Ron?

Lighten up.

i thought he did great

we knew what to expect going in. did anyone really think these were not gonna be ATTEMPTED hit pieces?

In the ABC interview

I thought it did well in defending his position. He came across as sincere and putting to rest the the false attacks made against him. He even stated that he is imperfect and noted the flaws in the judicial system. Good job Dr.

He did a Great Job

Overall, I thought Dr. Paul did very well. Just concerned that he seemed tired. Glad he went home for New Years. Hope he can get a little rest.

I thought

he looked tired, too. Sounds like he's getting a cold. Take your vitamins and get lots of rest Dr. We need you strong.

One Last Chance

I thought they might actually ask about his platform or vision for this country. Silly me. They just took one last opportunity to take cheap shots on him before the Iowa Caucuses. This CNN interview has been nearly identical to the last few. The ABC interviewer was taken aback by how well Dr. Paul defended his platform and got tongue-tied because he couldn't figure out how to twist his words and continue the attack. I never thought I'd live to see the day when the Fox News interview of Dr. Paul would be the most fair of the three, but Wallace seems to be the most decent (least evil) reporter on the network (with the obvious exception of Stossel and Napolitano).

Same talking points

Ron handled it well! Of course no question on the NDAA act passed on New Year's eve last night.

Ron has the patience of Job!

Paul is leading the polls

Paul is leading the polls with Romney and they call him unelectable. Ron Paul's answer: That isa total contradiction... LMAO

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...


So 3 nice hit pieces on Paul there, nothing but attacks. Do the other candidates get attacked too? I haven't watched any of the others' interviews. What was Bachmann's repsonse to producing some evidence about that payment?