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Videos: Ron Paul Sunday Jan. 1, 2012, 9am - Three (3!) Interviews: ABC, CNN & FOX!

Thanks to SaveOurSovereignty(3) for the videos:







Update: Dr. Paul will be in three places at once!

Check local listings for stations in your area.

Live Streams: http://tvpc.com/ChannelList.php


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Don't get to wound up

Remember, liberty makes for some strange bedfellows.

We're going to have a diverse crowd in these camps, and they will get more diverse.

We are united in liberty.

I for one, as a non-mormon, think that the mormon church has evolved in a good way, I think that a great many non-mormons have recognized this.

Mormons ARE Christians, period, end of story.

Anytime you see an anti-mormon post. Politely leave a brief correction, and move on.

Since I latched on to this liberty thing, my awareness of the Mormon church and what it stands for, and what they do, has increased, and I have a very positive view of it. I think a lot of DPers might be of similar thought.

Even more importantly though, I've found that because of the strange bedfellows, there are going to be people with beliefs that I don't agree with, but as long as we are bound in liberty, I will not intrude on their rights, and they will not intrude on mine. And thus, we can together move forward together carrying the banner of liberty.


I think, or at least hope,

I think, or at least hope, that the point was that it should not be acceptable to ask Romney those questions, just as Paul should get better questions. NONE of the candidates should be getting stupid questions that are meant to incriminate just in the asking.

Thanks also though for speaking out against bigotry of all kinds on this site.

Why would context be important...

...if Mitt were Ron?

Lighten up.

i thought he did great

we knew what to expect going in. did anyone really think these were not gonna be ATTEMPTED hit pieces?

In the ABC interview

I thought it did well in defending his position. He came across as sincere and putting to rest the the false attacks made against him. He even stated that he is imperfect and noted the flaws in the judicial system. Good job Dr.

He did a Great Job

Overall, I thought Dr. Paul did very well. Just concerned that he seemed tired. Glad he went home for New Years. Hope he can get a little rest.

I thought

he looked tired, too. Sounds like he's getting a cold. Take your vitamins and get lots of rest Dr. We need you strong.

One Last Chance

I thought they might actually ask about his platform or vision for this country. Silly me. They just took one last opportunity to take cheap shots on him before the Iowa Caucuses. This CNN interview has been nearly identical to the last few. The ABC interviewer was taken aback by how well Dr. Paul defended his platform and got tongue-tied because he couldn't figure out how to twist his words and continue the attack. I never thought I'd live to see the day when the Fox News interview of Dr. Paul would be the most fair of the three, but Wallace seems to be the most decent (least evil) reporter on the network (with the obvious exception of Stossel and Napolitano).

Same talking points

Ron handled it well! Of course no question on the NDAA act passed on New Year's eve last night.

Ron has the patience of Job!

Paul is leading the polls

Paul is leading the polls with Romney and they call him unelectable. Ron Paul's answer: That isa total contradiction... LMAO

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...


So 3 nice hit pieces on Paul there, nothing but attacks. Do the other candidates get attacked too? I haven't watched any of the others' interviews. What was Bachmann's repsonse to producing some evidence about that payment?

I get extremely tired of these hacks.

This country is upside down. The media lies and has been corrupted by corporations. They collude with big government to keep the wars going for profit and control of other nations. They use false flags to snatch our freedoms from us. All branches of government are rotten to the core and the laws coming from them prove it.

When will people get enough and do something about it? What would our Founding Fathers have done about it? Why is that seen as bad now? Have they brainwashed us into passive little meek shells of our former selves?

Patriot Cell #345,168
I don't respond to emails or pm's.
Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution, inevitable.

Release the hounds on Tapper; kudos for wallace and crowley.

Wallace and Crowley gave decent interviews. This Tapper guy i don't know who he is really but he was a real douche. Paul gave good answers but tapper was clearly on a mission to kill.

It almost seemed like he was winning Crowley over a little bit. Maybe she should be shown some love. I'm sure she got lots of negative email about her previous interviews.

Perhaps, Wallace too should get some nice emails. This might give them some contrast in how opinion runs. Maybe it will click that to insult Paul means to get insulted and to be fair to Paul is to be treated fairly.

Release the dogs on tapper - he should have his world destroyed just for the impertinence of his entire intervew and then to say "good luck" after that display of demagoguery nauseating.

Paul was 1000% with 3 at bats and 3 home runs.

Don't Forget Rand Paul on CBS!

Yes, he did.

Yes, he did.

Dr. Paul should be exhausted

Dr. Paul should be exhausted more often when he does these attack dog interviews. We just saw our next President handling multiple attacks, sternly, calmly, rationally and yet was still able to convey his utter disdain for the hostiles he was negotiating with! LIKE A BOSS, SON!

Well Done Mr. President.


"Is Ron Paul. If he wins, everyone's 401k's are devastated." Unbelievable. They associated this with him not wanting war also!!! Implying, if you we aren't at war, people are going to lose their 401K's!

False data

is also bad for the stock market.

Unfortunately for FAUX,

Unfortunately for FAUX, anyone who hasn't had a lobotomy(explains their audience) knows that their 401ks are toast already because they are built on fake companies trading fake money.

Initially, the markets will be pounded as they decouple. There is no reason that certain types of investments couldn't be backstopped by our gold reserves until the market correction. 401ks IRAs,etc are not liquid so volatility is minimal, leaving the speculators to clean up the mess they wrought... It'll be quick and bloody.. Trillions of "dollars" will evaporate.. $8000 Gold will sell off into the market(401ks,etc. will see HUGE gains) and over time prices will make par, and it's a new day.

To: Phillip Inuhoff on 401k's

I agree. The markets will be pounded as they decouple, but according to Ron they will bounce back after a year or so. I believe him.

It will take that long just to "educate" the public on all the shenanigans the government has been pulling.

I wanted to share with you my website for Ron Pauler's I developed regarding the stock markets and the economy. You are the first to see it! Enjoy!

I am just stunned

at the smear campaign that is going on. There is nothing but negativity. They are literally carpet bombing him on anything they can think of. I ma praying deep that people are smarter than this...It scares the crap out of me how hard they are trying now...

They were just as bad last

They were just as bad last time. Actually, it's going to get worse... This time, people see right through it... Look at Huffpo, they went full bashtard. They are getting spanked and now they are even running a title that say's RP FLIPPED OUT on Tapper! LOL. They are losing like 1st graders... kicking and screaming!

there IS a way to turn this right back at them!

what about all of the members of Congress who vote FOR laws that they haven't read? Obamacare for example.

the media is worried about some 20-year-old finance newsletters while horrible legislation is passed, unread, without a whimper.

let's keep the discussion where it belongs.

The Media doesn't care about

The Media doesn't care about the newsletters...20yrs ago Barney Frank was pimping underage boys out of his apartment, 20 yrs ago, Hillary Clinton committed several securities crimes and possibly MURDERED Vince Foster.

The CORPORATE MSM is terrified of RON PAUL. They have also realized, we are going to win. It is inevitable. It may not be Dr. Paul, but we will only grow. They have to stop us NOW. They don't know how. They are splitting i.e. Hannity's bipolar actions, Beck, etc..

It is time for us to go on the offensive.

I remember how FAUX got popular. WE made them popular because they were supposed to be about TRUTH!

RPTV news network would DOMINATE! We would get Judge N,Beck EVERYBODY!

We need to start moneybombing this when the election is over. I know there are several already and we tried in 2007, yada, yada.. Kelly Clarkson #2 in 2 days. on a whim and we didn't even try hard.. nuff said really..

Wow. It’s like “how many hit

Wow. It’s like “how many hit piece interviews can we do in the shortest amount of time before the caucuses?” How can we frame all the issues and questions to try to cast him in the worst light and try to catch him in a verbal slip up?

“Why do so many people say you are unelectable?” “So and so said this [negative thing] about you, why are they saying such negative things about you?” “Since everyone is attacking you, are you thinking to leave the Republican Party?” “We found something in the Congressional record [or your book] from [15/20/25] years ago that we are right now going to spin in the most negative light we can spin with a gotcha question to try to catch you in a sound bite that we will be able to twist and negatively spin against you all this week up to the caucuses.

These aren’t journalists; they are political hacks actively using their media positions to try to alter the caucus outcomes in a way they desire.

Nevertheless, the good Dr. Ron Paul was in perfect form hitting three home runs in a row.
I guess in modern vernacular, the phrase is Dr. Paul pwnd all three of these old stream media hacks in these interviews.

Let it not be said that we did nothing.-Ron Paul
Stand up for what you believe in, even if you stand alone.-Sophia Magdalena Scholl

Unfair to serpents!

Certainly the public is seeing the hate and vigor of the media. They are sinking their own boat. The more they attack this statesman, the more Ron Paul's success will grow. This is fascinating to watch. The media looks like serpents. And that's being unfair to serpents.

notice in the first clip

The interviewer actually makes the claim all people with AIDS are gay. Anyone else think this one crosses the line?

MSM hypocrisy ....

Ron Paul has answered & put to rest these "newsletters" questions probably hundreds of times already . It's a non issue . Where was the MSM back in 2007 with questions to obama about his blatant -out in the open - racist ways when obama was hanging out with the known racist Rev Wright's church ? And that obama LIED and said " I never paid any attention to what the Rev. was saying " - for 20 years ! .... And where was the media about obama's relationship with Nationally known racist Farrahkan ? .... So, I guess it's okay to have a racist & Socialist/Communist sitting in the WH . This country is in big trouble . People need to wake up .

Where's The Journalistic Distinction?

Having just watched all three interviews, I couldn't tell you how any one differed from the other. It's as if all three met in a room ahead of time and colluded together, agreeing to ask the same stupid questions in the same way.

It used to be that a reporter distinguished himself by asking intelligent questions, with the purpose of drawing out the candidate's views on topics that mattered. Now there is only one directive: Make sure you waste the viewer's time pursuing the same tired "controversies" that were asked, answered, and put to bed two weeks ago.

Are there still real journalists?

I don't think so, unless you go to some independent alternative media sources. I believe the questions are given to the 'journalists' to ask by someone else. But, I don't work for the media, so what would I know?