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Amy Goodman: An Insider?

It is very bad, Amy with friends, is explaining to the people of Middle East that Ron Paul is not good for them:


The only comfort is that the masks are falling off...

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It's good that you point this out.

Thank you. We may be well aware of this - but new people still need to find out the extent of the bias.

Thread with a bunch of

Thread with a bunch of background information on Amy Goodman and where some of her money is sourced.

Amy Goodman

is no friend of liberty.

She is "supposedly" an alternative to the MSM. That is BS!

Follow the money: http://www.freedomofthepress.net/leftgatekeeperschart.htm

Ron Paul is My President

She was violently arrested at the 2008 RNC.

just thought that was interesting. Also, if she is a "strong anti-war" figure then that means there is no anti-war movement. By that logic.

She is the enemy.

She has always been the enemy.
She will always be the enemy.

the PaulBot madlib

calling Amy Goodman an 'enemy of liberty' is one more bit of proof that shows the average Paul worshipper to be a brainless drone. Here's a madlib to make your comments easier " ..... liberty..........freedom..........the great Ron Paul........freedom........liberty........ " just fill in the blanks!

here's a madlib for you,

here's a madlib for you, friend: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HZ_MYIljuIs

12 minute enemy troll above.




Blatently obvious.

If I disappear from a discussion please forgive me. My 24-7 business requires me to split mid-sentence to serve them. I am not ducking out, I will be back later to catch up.

Do not be fooled by Amy G.

She is NO friend of Liberty.

The title of her show ought to tell as much.

She is a left gatekeeper: http://www.questionsquestions.net/gatekeepers.html

Ron Paul is My President

Your link is bad so try this


I think Amy has Property of Carlyle Group/Skull&Bones/CFR/TC/CIA tattooed on her butt.

November 6th 2012 I voted for Dr.Ron Paul
"We must remember, elections are short-term efforts. Revolutions are long-term projects." ~ Ron Paul

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Not an issue. I'm sure the kind of Americans

we are trying to convert likely DO NOT watch aljazeera.


Knows who butters her bread imo.


It always amuses me that people are shocked with these things

Please people. When was Amy Goodman our friend or the friend of liberty? now if someone like Judge Nap does that on Fox to Ron, then I would be very shocked. It is so easy to look at people and see whether they are with us or not. Amy Goodman is just another bought individual. Who cares :)

I Do

I do care, because not everyone knows, and she will take away a number of antiwar votes that would be Ron Paul's otherwise.

Amy has mentioned Ron Paul on

Amy has mentioned Ron Paul on her show in good light, Amy & the others used aljazeera for there hit piece on Ron Paul. I can't wait to confront her on this & of course I will do so with calm

She is a insider traitor

The big tip-off was when she fell for the official Bin Laden assassination story hook, line and sinker, and propagated the lie, with no questioning whatsoever.

I would consider her a paid snitch. She is definitely not your "friend."

In fact, I'd consider what people in the public eye say about Ron Paul to be an excellent measurement gauge of credibility and an indication of what "side" they're really on.

I honestly don't know

I honestly don't know anything about Amy.
My question is did she think Obama is dangerous, because he drone bombs innocent civilians, supports the patriot act and even goes a step further with NDAA?

I have to admit I was shocked

I have to admit I was shocked at the way Amy spoke about Ron Paul & not speak about the war on drugs as well

I am usually ok with Amy....BUT

we have to remember that people that lean liberal will always come down hard on race issues....even if they are only very loose links....I think she could have been more objective...

Also...please remember that the media reads bits and pieces and some might be out of context when re-read on their own...a common strategy to sway and deceive...

No Excuse

If Amy cares about race issues, she should be aware that Ron Paul is not a racist. Actually, Ron Paul is a gentle humanitarian.

Also, timing is very important. At a very crucial point of the campaign, she is giving a blow to Ron Paul. She supposedly opposes very much the US foreign policy, but, then she obstructs Ron Paul who is the only candidate who would change it.

Your comment says it all

"Also, timing is very important. At a very crucial point of the campaign, she is giving a blow to Ron Paul."

thank you for posting

most Arabs watch the Arabic version over this one.

in Hegel's Dialectic,

someone's got to play the part of the "good leftist".
As you've said, the masks are coming off, even people you never would have suspected.