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Ron Paul Wins Newsmax.com Poll

The Mega Republican Newsite Newsmax.com has just released its poll results: Dr. Ron Paul Wins. This site has seemed to censor and exclude Dr. Paul and so it was a big surprise to see that out of 400,000 votes over more than 2 months, Dr. Paul Wins. You can access the results at www.newsmax.com.

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YES.. gotta love it!!! I

YES.. gotta love it!!! I used to get the emails from these people all the time till they started favoring all the other candidates and Ron Paul was never mentioned on this site.. I cancelled my subscription! NOW Ron Paul wins the poll! AND YOU COULD ONLY VOTE 1 TIME! at least they had the balls to not change the results! its gonna be fun tomorrow when Ron Paul wins Iowa... the establishment is running SCARED!
Ron Paul in 08'09'10'11'12'13'14'15'