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Washingon Post article about Ron Paul wouldn't let me post

i tried to post this comment on the Washington Post article entitled "Ron Paul's quest to undo the party of Lincoln" or something along those lines. I then attempted to post this rebuttal but the site would not allow me to do so, I figured I'd let my fellow Ron Paul fans rate my response which follows as "this guy clearly does not know his history and is still stuck on the myth that Lincoln was some all knowing all wise great leader. He appointed Samuel P. Chase to the Supreme Court a man so corrupt and flawed that todays largest US bank and one of the most corrupt financial institutions in our country Chase Bank bears his name a fitting title. Second he got rid of the right to habeas corpus not allowing so called "enemy combatants" a rather vague term on par with "terrorists" or my all time favorite "enhanced interrogation techniques" calling one thing another does not change the degree to which it is enforced or the brutality of how it may be carried out. We have another example of Mr. Lincoln's amazing public policies when he instituted martial law and allowed the US military to arrest and detain citizens again without trial (Obama always said he wanted to be like LIncoln and with the new NDAA in place it seems he fulfilled this dream) this resulted in the US having to pass a law in 1878 called the Posse Comitatus Act now repealed by the likes of great "humanitarians" like George W. Bush and Barack Obama. Lastly we have Lincoln famous letter to newspaper editor Horace Greeley stating that if he could save the Union without freeing a single slave he would do so basically admitting the Emancipation Proclamation was more of a political move than a real belief of Lincolns, the link to this letter is here for all to read http://​teachingamericanhistory.org/​library/index.asp?document=1057 I suggest this author do more research on his historical icons himself before labeling people heroes or heretics." the link to the article is http://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/ron-pauls-quest-to-un...

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This is why his title is, "Opinion Writer."

That is all.

im well aware of that

does that make his article any less uncredible. I dont care that he's an opinion writer and Im not asking for a boycott of him however I am calling his facts and opinions into question which is what the Ron Paul Revolution is all about, debating people and using facts and logic to fight back against a corrupt media. Maybe if people had a chance to read his article then read mine or anothers who brings up similar facts to discredit him they might make up their own minds instead of just hearing one side of the argument