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Copyright Troll Righthaven Domain Name Auctioned to Pay Legal Fees

Righthaven, a copyright-troll law firm that failed in its attempt to make money for newspapers by suing people for sharing stories online, is having its domain name auctioned off to help satisfy the Las Vegas company’s debts.

As of 3 p.m. EST on Tuesday, Righthaven.com was going for $1,250, up from $100 when the online auction started on Dec. 26. The auction, which ends Jan. 6, is to intended to recoup $63,000 in legal fees Righthaven owes after it lost a case in which a federal judge said reposting an entire news article in an online forum was fair use — an issue Righthaven has appealed.

Struggling after several courtroom setbacks, Righthaven has ceased filing new lawsuits, pending resolution of that case and others on appeal. Righthaven was also hit with a separate order in October to pay $120,000 in legal fees in another case it had lost.


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Gotta love poetic justice!

"serves" them right, lol

Aww... Poor RightHaven

In Memory of Right Haven: