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I Support Ron Paul - Printable Versions

I have created some higher resolution versions of the simple "I Support Ron Paul" posters. These will print out nicely on a standard sheet of letter paper.

Neon Green
Four per sheet

Feel free to reproduce these for non-commercial use. Enjoy!

Please also see the "I Support Ron Paul Project

Michael Nystrom

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making them larger

I too found these too small for my purposes (I'm going to laminate them so they'll be waterproof, stick magnets to the back and put them on my car's doors). So I copied and pasted them into a wordprocessing document and stretched them to various sizes, as large as 8.5 x 11 included of course.

making them larger 2

Also, you can turn the page to landscape and put more than one poster on it of course.

I sent an email to Michael...

asking whether he could make this poster a full 8.5 * 11. The poster currently doesn't even take up a full standard page.

I also asked if he could make some 2 pagers and some 4 pagers. Those would be sweet for catching vehicle traffic.

These are cool!

Hey, thanks for that! And great timing too, we just got a new color ink cartridge, lol.


They are lovely! Thank you Michael!