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Ron Paul Puts the Left on the Defensive on Economic Issues

Presidential Candidate Ron Paul’s growing libertarian movement within the Republican Party is causing a high degree of angst among American liberals, who historically deflected any criticism of their crony capitalism by attacking Republicans as sycophants for the “American empire and big finance.” But with Ron Paul’s decades of authentic opposition of the “Military Industrial Complex” and the Federal Reserve, the left is being challenged as their vitriolic moralizing is boomeranging back at themselves and their Democrat allies.

An article: “Why Ron Paul Challenges Liberals”, by Mat Stoller of the Roosevelt Institute and former Policy Advisor to Democrat Congressman Alan Grayson, describes Ron Paul as:

“dedicated first and foremost, to his political principles, and his work with his grassroots base reflects that. Politics and procedure simply didn’t matter to him.”

Stoller confesses that liberals treasure the Federal Reserve as a power-tool of big government they wield to advance their social and military agenda. He concedes Paul and his staff have been effective by working with “vigor and principle” to force greater transparency regarding the Fed’s central banking practices and is disturbed that as Paul’s libertarian movement grows the power of the Fed to advance the liberal agenda will be diminished.


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I always just assumed

Breitbart's outfit would be neocons. I'm surprised he has good to say about Ron.

This is why RP has the MOST appeal

In a general election!!!

Fresno, CA


Read this article
Watch a few minutes of the documentary Indoctrinate U

Now you get an idea of why college students and young people are crazy nuts over Ron Paul.

Young conservatives and libertarians go off to college and discover a campus that is heavily populated with pseudo-Marxists and radical left-wing activists. With campus conservative groups being little more than prayer and Bible study get-togethers, any idea of attempting to organize some sort of opposition to intellectually challenge the radical left seemed an impossible if not futile task. Ron Paul came along, and like Goldwater did in the 60's, changed all of that. Ron Paul has made being a young conservative cool again. He gives them the courage and confidence to engage and face off with the radical left. They want him to win the nomination because they've studied, organized, and worked hard for this. They need him to win.

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Good article, needs more comments from

those who support peace and liberty.

Occupy’s Iowa options: Ron Paul or Uncommitted

The Democratic party's rules push protesters to the Texas congressman

Long before people started talking about Occupy the Caucus, Jeff Cox, an Iowa City resident, professor of history at the University of Iowa and former Democratic Party county chairman, was planning to do just that.

“Since last January we’ve been working on an Iowa Healthcare Not Welfare Caucus Campaign,” Cox said in an interview. “Our goal has been to sign people up to go to the Democratic caucuses as uncommitted delegates that are pushing to get our troops out of Afghanistan within 12 months of Obama’s reelection and for Medicare for all during his second term.”

Cox’s organization, which is an all-volunteer effort that took its name from a similar but non-affiliated Progressive Democrats of America initiative, has operated primarily within the confines of Johnson County – one of the most liberal pockets of the Hawkeye State.

Then there’s the Occupy Iowa Caucus movement hopes more than anything else to express overall dissatisfaction with all the candidates now running for President. They’ve gotten themselves arrested in recent days at Ron Paul headquarters and the Iowa Democratic party headquarters.


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Paste this

Paste this everywhere....especially in Iowa.....folks need to know this and that Ron Paul is the only truly outspoken person on the Federal Reserve and has been for years....

Federal Reserve Secretly Bails Out European Banks ... Again


"Growing Libertarian Movement" is not correct

Growing CONSERVATIVE movement is what those of us who joined the GOP are doing as we face Neoconservatives. Our goal is to bring them back to the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights.

What some are calling "Libertarian Issues" are also wrong, for example, legalizing medical marijuana. That is what liberals want to do to pay state taxes. Libertarians want to decriminalize a plant. Big difference.

Ron Paul was vetted in the Libertarian Party, but he is running for president in the REPUBLICAN PARTY, where Libertarian issues remain OUTSIDE.

RESPECT Republican Ron Paul and Ron Paul Republicans and leave this Libertarian flag to Gary Johnson and Bob Barr.

Libertarian or Conservative... who cares!

How about American Movement!

I care

An American Movement? The UN has an American movement, whereas the continent of North America, ie, Mexico, The U.S. and Canada are under one central bank and the value is based on the natural resources and labor? You mean that American movement?

Good article but

again, the comment section is full of Establishment lies.

That was a good read

That needs to go to the Occupy People ... I put the original link on their FB page.


This one needs to be spread far and wide ...

Patriot News
Stand up For your Civil Rights

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Ron Paul's latest straight talk:

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End the Fed

Enough said ...