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New Ron Paul 2012 Campaign Ad: Believe

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Someone in the media said Ron

Someone in the media said Ron Paul has the best ads. And this is one can be added to that list. This is a great ad.


your family is sick you go to a Dr. you can trust and now that our Country is sick once again we are going to a Dr. We can trust DR.Paul

Ron Paul has had the most

Ron Paul has had the most incredible ads. This ad is equally wonderful. This ad just declared that Ron Paul is incorruptible. Ain't that the truth.

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Bump: I like it.

A simple message of truth.

How about Beta-testing, soft-launch campaign videos?

Just like what they do in software, beta-launch the product to select group of people to see response, critique, and then go to LAB and make improvements and then do mega-release to ALL.

Would this work for campaign ads?
How about releasing those to select few?
or to Daily Paul members and Ron Paul Forum members...
and get the opinions, suggestions for additions/deletions/modifications..

so that final product has SOLID IMPACT.

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It is very much needed. At this stage after

so many attacks on Dr. Paul, from the diversity police, I find it very unprofessional that the people in the official ads still do not look like America 2012. STILL they almost entirely portray while middle class Republican stereotypes.

I am losing trust in the professional ad guy the campaign hired. I understand TV ads have to be simple, I understand the campaign is especially targeting Republicans. But many news stories are about the importance of Independents and crossover Democrats. To my eyes and to those of many these ads look culturally dated.

Yes we do not want to pander by molding the message for special interests. But we do want to be able to communicate with the whole real America, not some past vision that only older Republicans still cherish.

It is being done, perhaps unwittinly

when a new addvertizing is posted on youtube, the RP faithful will view it and like or dislike or not respond. That is a good audience for critique. This last add, not so well, youtube had lots of views but few likes. I’m just saying that limited financial resources could be used better if they simply look at the Internet content available free and use numbers that often will be more accurate than the so called professional pollsters.


Focus groups are usually the way ads are tested.

I don't know whether the campaign uses them, but usually ads are tested by running them by a focus group composed of people with varying backgrounds. That's better than asking people like us, because our bias may gloss over flaws that could put voters off.


BRILLIANT IDEA, just brilliant!

How about facebook group: Beta Testers for Ron Paul

Beta Testers for Ron Paul Or Ad critiques for Ron Paul

It will be closed group. Similar to Web developers for Ron Paul.

Somebody grassroots TRUSTS should start the group.
Acceptance in the group is based on some sort of credentials..(some past record of DOING something, contributing something positive). If Daily Paul nominate somebody, it will be great.
If Ron Paul Forums nominate somebody, it will be great.
Once we have a sizeable mass of critiques (who believe in constructive criticism),
campaign releases the advt 0.4v, 0.5v and asks for opinions, suggestions for improvements etc. Group responds to it.
MSM will NOT see contents.

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Compare it to this one on "MITT the Flip"


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Back in March, I was at CPAC

Back in March, I was at CPAC and went to the Romney booth. I asked the volunteers there what his beliefs were on the issues. They outright told me that they don't know. Suddenly, I don't blame them.

Freedom Wins!


. . .

good . . . and funny.

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

A great closer

RP & CO have done a great job telling his/our story. The trust message is spot on...


Loving it!


Just in case you are traveling to your next whistle stop, and you are on your iPad, just wanted to wish you both well! Hope you don't mind that we add our 2 cents worth regarding ads, etc. Only want to help you win Dr. Ron Paul. With Love,

Thank you both for fighting to bring our Country back! We support you both 100%

God Bless you both and your families and all Ron Paul supporters!

Adele Hansen


Nice ad

Maybe not my favorite advertisement, but still a very effective advertisement I think! BTW, the woman who speaks about a "bold plan" is Kelly Halldorson, she was on the DailyPaul frontpage more then 4 years ago with her "Walk for Paul":
(Haha; I went through tons of youtube-videos last week, when I came across that one, so that's why I remember it)

My question though: are the other people known or unknown to the average New Hampshire person?

I'd say unknown

To the average NH voter, that is. I recognized Kelly right off, though.

Great Positive Ad

that highlights one of the most important reason we support Ron Paul: TRUST.


Great ad...it will help

Great ad...it will help tremendously in New Hampshire!

The campaign needs to replace

The campaign needs to replace the newt with the santorum, YESTERDAY.

Ĵīɣȩ Ɖåđşŏń

"Fully half the quotations found on the internet are either mis-attributed, or outright fabrications." - Abraham Lincoln

No, this is a NH ad...

...and Santorum won't play there at all. In fact, I think he'll play ANYWHERE after Iowa, even if he wins there.

He's simply got no money, no organization and, really, no message, record or charisma.

If I had to choose one person to win Iowa besides Ron, it'd be Santorum.

He Has the same backer that

every other candidate except Ron Paul has, MSM, CFR, FED, GOP, DNC, Lets just say all the three letter (All Caps) groups, lets say those who create the money out of thin air as a compounding debt upon the citizens of the United States of America are backing every candidate except Ron Paul because he is the only one that exposes their operation other than that he has NOTHING>


The same happened with the revpac plastic men ad

The FAKE up and down of these "surging" candidates is HILARIOUS. During the revpac ad they put it with romney and pArry and sure enough BOOM there comes cain.

Now since Newt and Mittens are not destroying Ron yet, they need someone who "thinks" he/she can and that ATTEMPT at the moment is coming from Santorum.

Santorum is not going to be UP for long so no worries on fixing entire ads around him.

The easiest way to see who is going to end up polling well in the msm is to track the money. Whoever has the money is going to stick around plain and simple.

It will be


UNLESS they hail mary with some NEW person, tweak election laws and STEAMROLL a candidate through whether we like it or not.

We have a FIGHT on our hands and it is NOT on an even playing field in the least.

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Although the puppet show may be a commedy

It is evil and the final act ends up in genocide, poverty, war and even possible extinction. I am no longer watching this puppet show its not entertaining at all to me, just evil.



Right, and I don't think Santorum emerges victorious when anyone can Google Santorum.

Probably Ron Paul regards Santorum as unworthy of mention.

I Think I would leave Newt in and add Santorum




This election is all about Trust! Continue with this theme!

Please combine it with this Ad

The second half of this Ad is better than the first part.
(Right after the :30 sec mark)
I cant put my finger on it but the first part doesnt quiet jive.

Please combine it with this ->
This is really good.

Combine both and we will have something really strong.

i know this is BS

but we need the campaign to show the true diversity of paul's supporters - there are ridiculous amounts of people without white skin who speak english plenty good enough to be asked to be a part of an advertisement. i say this keeping the question close to my heart - am i good enough at speaking to do that?

so please.....PLEASE......for god's sake........

show america what is real. these people aren't playing around and neither should we be. this is serious and i take it seriously - like if you threatened my family. because that's EXACTLY what this is.