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New Ron Paul 2012 Campaign Ad: Believe

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hold the taco truck just one minute mr.

have you ever traveled around this country and watched commercials in different regions?

If you want to sell something to black people you put black people in the ad. If you want to sell something to white people you put white people in the ad.

Its targeted marketing. Now ask yourself how many black people are in IA or NH. Then how many of those minorities are even interested in showing up to a re-puke-u-lan primary.

I think that will make you feel less left out. I think that is the explanation anyways, its an educated guess. He is just getting the most bang for his buck. Instead of courting 1/2% he is going after 95%.

Why don't they "target market" to people who think RP is racist?

Or just showcase the fact that he has support from people of all different colors. The fact that he has broad appeal cannot possibly be damaging.

I Too Thought Minorities Should Be Added: However I Didn't Know

that the ad only runs in those two states. I also think about people that see this on Youtube, facebook, emails, this website and numerous other places it can appear. So maybe it should include a variety of races and why not, they support Ron too. This starts to look like games politicians play and that is not Paul. Okay I just saw it for 3rd time and the African American was a news clip. I am talking about the numerous people that they asked to do this ad, all whites. Just my 2 cents.


It isn't games, it's reality.

There are certain apple carts that may not be ready to be upset just yet.

Unless there's a good reason to do something that's known not to work, or to stop doing something that IS known to work, I wouldn't change anything.

again by the numbers who is going to show up to vote?

Is it going to be more diverse than any other repukeulan candidate? Yes!

But that is like being the head of the class in summer school.

somewhere around 90% of black people that actually voted...voted for Obama and they are still his strongest group of support.

Yes no one is claiming it wouldn't be nice to see diversity, but welcome to the real world of advertising. You don't waste a cent.

I was going to make the same point

EPIC FAIL to only show white people.

Edit: I missed the one black guy. Still, overwhelmingly, annoyingly white.

(I'm white so I can say that. ;)

I have seen it twice and second time I notice a gentleman that

looked like he just was a dark skin white to me. I am white too so I can say this. I have to look at it again but if I didn't pick up on it the first time I doubt if others do. Plus I think it needs a variety of nationalities.


Looks like it's only running

Looks like it's only running in New Hampshire, though. From RP2012:

"Ad features prominent Republican surrogates such as State Sens. Andy Sanborn and Ray White LAKE JACKSON, Texas – The Ron Paul 2012 Presidential campaign announced today that it will begin airing its final television ad ‘Believe’ in the key early voting state of New Hampshire. The 60-second ad will run beginning today on broadcast and cable television"

“Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom. It is the argument of tyrants; it is the creed of slaves.” William Pitt


Thanks for posting.

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I like this ad. It allows us to relax and be reassured that

after all the boisterous debates & arguments it comes down to the credibility of the person we choose. And Ron is the only impeccable one on consistency, fidelity and honesty.

No last minute pounding or jerking. Just a sense of peace descending in the act of choosing the right one.

"Who are you going to TRUST?"

This is the question I consistently pose to my friends either considering Ron or opposing Ron. Who ELSE has a 22-year voting record of consistency to back up their words AND actions? NOBODY!

Great ad!

keeping adding diversity

more folks of color, cultures, etc to widen the appeal - keep up the great work regardless - just my 2 cents to bring more into the fold of liberty..

Working to free the hemp seed - Thanks to Congressman Paul's efforts HR 1831. Peace

Agree, no African Americans

Agree, no African Americans

There was the African

There was the African American journalist saying Ron Paul will tell you the truth whether you want to hear it or not.

“Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom. It is the argument of tyrants; it is the creed of slaves.” William Pitt

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I heard that too

Ron Paul does have a broad spectrum of voter support and the ads, especially like this need to bring out the diversity of the voters visually.

Real eyes realize real lies

We want our country back

Every year is a year for Ron Paul!

It was excellent, but can we add this:

Show a photo of Santorum with the rest~~WITH QUICK PHOTO FLIPS OF ROMNEY, GRINCH & SANTORUM, then, say~~~"if you want BIG BANK BAILOUTS & BIG GOVERNMENT"---vote for them~~~then cut into the end about if you want "change".

or incorporate SANTORUM in this somehow!

PERFECT! Also, clip about Romney, use another one, this didn't

seem very negative to me.


An ad like this is good

An ad like this is good because its cheap, simple and straight to the point.

We really do have a nice balance of edgy ads for the younger

set and ads that will appeal to seniors. With an all-encompassing demographic that we're reaching there needn't be any disconnect from any slice of the voting population. Bless the 2008 run, but man- this campaign is LIGHT YEARS ahead.

We need an ad

that takes on the lies about Ron Paul directly... something like...

"There have been a lot of lies told about Ron Paul lately...
That he is racist...

Soundbites: Libertarianism does not see people as groups...
The justice system unfairly punishes minorities
We need to end the war on drugs...

That he opposes gay marriage...

I think the govt. should stay out of marriage
If you let the government tell you what you can
do with your property, then it can tell you
what you can do in the bedroom...

That he won't protect America...

We should defend our borders and not...
I don't want Iran to have nuclear weapons...
If we go to war it should be declared, win it...

That his ideas are strange...

We have this thing called the Constitution...
I believe in small govt., non itervention, a
balanced budget...
What is this talk about consulting with lawyers
read the constitution...

Why are they lying about Ron Paul, and what are they afraid of?

Flash scenes of Halliburton, Monsanto, Solyndra, Banking Co's, etc...

"It's time to take America back, vote Ron Paul"

Good ad

Good ad


Perfect timing I like that they beat Gingrich while he's down.

Down, but not "out"...

He may be down, but he's not "out" yet, and until that happens you keep on keepin' on. Some of these career politicians are like the Phoenix, they rise from their ashes in a country with an EXTREMELY short-term memory!

Something To Consider in the Future

We know minorities support Ron Paul. I think they should include all races, at least Asian, Hispanics and African American and Indian. Just my 2 cents.


Pretty good.

Pretty good.


Great job of emphasizing the positives of RP while also contrasting him with the other choices.

Well..it harkens back to the

Well..it harkens back to the ads of last campaign, but is better, and maybe it is time for a softer ad..but I would not like this one hitting airwaves FIRST, in a state...

I agree

It was so "run of the mill" and DID remind me of a 2008 ad.It seemed to me that it certainly didn't grab and hold my attention the way the previous ads did.Feels like it was produced by a completely different production company.


Great new ad.

Good way to sum things up at the end of the Iowa campaign.