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I am being politically persecuted and need to move to a new state

I am not going to get into detail, but suffice it to say that I have been a pretty loud political activist the last few years and the government has started not liking me back. For several reasons, I need to relocate to a new state.

I need a place that is 420 friendly, gun friendly, homeschool friendly. I need a spot with an active group of Ron Paul supporters. Rural area, not too distant from a population center (within an hour). I want to buy some land and, you know the drill.

I should do okay with a couple of work at home projects as long as my business back home holds up. If I needed to move the business I could do it, to the right place, of course. Almost any college town will do.

Arizona looks promising so far. Any suggestions?

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That happened to us up in Moscow

a couple of years ago, but it was the Democrat nannies that did it (university town, ya know).

I don't know if NH is the

I don't know if NH is the best option for MJ - the Governor there won't allow a medical cannabis bill pass there- however, it has an almost veto-proof majority in the legislature, so it will probably pass once he's out.


Septopus, politics is infinitely temporary and in a flux. Who knows what the next election might bring? Better pick a place to live for more permanent reasons.


NH might be slightly better than any other state in the union at the moment, but not by much. America generally is a not so good place to live. Everywhere you go you are going to be disappointed in the governing institutions. Having said that, I like NH for many personal reasons.

A word of advice: decide on a place after you visit it. A vague idea that the West is freer than the East just doesn't cut it.

NH hosts a liberty forum every year in the spring. That's a good time to arrange a trip, or whatever.

...just missed it. the

...just missed it. the Liberty forum for 2013, was last weekend.
Tom Woods, Michael Bolden, Julie Borowski, dozens of speakers, hundreds of visitors. If you like camping, the Porc Fest is this years next Liberty event.
Well worth the trip!

Hill Country West of Austin

The new home of Sheriff Richard Mack. Now running against NeoCon Lamar Smith for Congress.

West is the Best

As someone who has lived from coast to coast over the past 2 years (Washington and Oregon on the west coast and now New Hampshire on the east coast), as well as Kentucky too, I can truly say that the western states are in their own league. New Hampshire may be the "Live Free or Die" state and there are many Ron Paul supporters here (much more than the MSM says), the logo is more for the license plate than anything else and property taxes here are outrageous. The most independent minded people I've ever met (generally speaking) live in the Pacific Northwest, and I've travelled throughout the lower 48 states. I would think Flathead Valley in Montana would probably be the best place to be around like-minded people, and the trend in Flathead Valley is only going to continue to get better.

Flathead Valley

is Chuck Baldwin territory.
Ron Paul's vote for president in 2008


Rolls eyes. The people are all the same everywhere for god's sake. If you want real freedom, leave the US.

Central Pennsylvania

I live here and LOVE it. Lots of open land and a TON of Ron Paul supporters. I'm always seeing RP yard signs and bumperstickers, and when I wear my Ron Paul t-shirt, I get lots of positive feed back. I also enjoy the four distinct seasons, winter, spring, summer, fall. Because Pennsylvania has one of the largest Amish and Mennonite populations in America, there is a very strong homesteading, and self reliance culture here. A lot of people Homeschool their children, and I mean a LOT. I am homeschooled and am very aware of it's dominance in Pa. Pennsylvania also has the most registerd hunters in the entire country.

PA Homeschool laws are among the most restrictive


DO NOT move to North

DO NOT move to North Carolina. We are being strangled by government at all levels.

Oklahoma has almost complete

Oklahoma has almost complete homeschool liberty, no regulations really at all. Land is pretty cheap here especially in western Oklahoma. And there are two large cities within an hour/hour-and-a-half of almost the entire state, Oklahoma City and Tulsa. The only drawback is that it's inhabited by a large population of neo-cons who have nothing better to do all day than watch FoxNews on their Satellite TV. We could sure use a few more liberty minded people over here!

Flathead County Montana. Listen, but be warned

You had a similar thread the other day. I'm in agreement with HonorGod. My #1 place to go is Kalispell, Montana. (Homes and land are still a little pricy there, so look outside of Kalispell in Kila for example and you should find some great deals!) Do not kid yourselves for a second. This is the TOP freedom loving place to go.

Chuck Baldwin, who Ron Paul endorsed for President in 2008 moved his family there and started a new church called Liberty Church. Why?

Stewart Rhodes, founder of Oathkeepers also moved to Flathead Valley. Why?

Reason: Freedom and Liberty are alive and well there. You can feel it. Once you are there, you just know. When I visited 2 summers ago while attending a swine flu vaccine convention, I met John McManus from the John Birch Society, and Catherine Albrecht, the author of Spy Chips, who also appeared with Ron Paul in America: Freedom to Fascism. There were tons of ex-special forces (they wore unit patches) that were open-carrying their sidearms. Flathead County has the highest concentration of ex-special forces of any county in the United States. I felt VERY safe!

Negatives: We are not the only ones that know something is brewing there. The SPLC recently created a page specifically to drag Chuck Baldwin and Stewart Rhodes through the mud. Their argument is that because they moved there, they must be associated with some of these other names of known racists. They always try to paint constitutionalists, patriots, and survivalist types as right winged extremists, and link them with neo-nazi's and racists, when no link exists.


I find it distasteful when the SPLC tries to demonize an entire community of good, honest, hard working people who love their country and are understandably concerned about the direction we are heading given the economic climate, and loss of liberties post 9/11, reasonable and prudent conclusions that any rational thinking person who is paying attention would come to. (/cough NDAA /cough)

If things got so bad that there was no longer any rule of law or any way to save these United States of America, and the feces were to hit the fan, I would want to be in Kalispell, MT. No other place in the country holds a candle imho. Best hunting and everyone is armed to the teeth. I filled in playing bass for a Christian rock band for 2 days there. I had never heard their songs before. They handed me a beautiful 1950's hollow body to play and I instantly meshed. I honestly felt like it wasn't me playing, it was Jesus! Chuck Baldwin isn't the only one that feels like God told him to move there, lol! Hey, I don't get like this much, but I honestly felt that if I didn't mention this, I was doing something wrong :)

So there's the positives and negatives. Oh, and yes, black helicopters do exist. At the radio station where the convention was we had an unmarked Kiowa low flying overhead taking pictures. It got so bad we started duct taping cardboard to our license plates, lol. True story! I don't care what the SPLC says or how many helicopters the government sends. I want to move there some day, and no SPLC, there's not a racist bone in my body. I love liberty for all people regardless of skin pigmentation, and Chuck and Stewart I'm quite sure feel the same way.

The SPLC is the terrorist organization.

They are the terrorists because they are ones who are doing the terrorizing. Most of us just want to be left alone.

I looked long and hard

2 things.
1 I couldn't find a job
2 although we have close to 100k in the bank we couldnt find anything worthy of buying
I need a minimum 10 acres

10 acres next to me for $65K

And I mean, what more could you want in property? ME for a neighbor! lol!

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

I would look into the western

I would look into the western slope of Colorado. Grand Junction, Delta, Montrose on down to Cortese. Colorado had a great MMJ program. You have Mesa State University in Grand Junction. Or Fort Lewis College in Durango. The political atmosphere is Conservative. Many sighs along the highway with get the US out of the UN and the UN out of the US. We grow Everything over here except for Citrus. Wether is usually nice. If you are a shooter like I am, we have 1000 yard rifle ranges. Something to look into.


As a result of the changes brought about by revisions made to Idaho's compulsory school law in 2009, Home schooling families in Idaho enjoy greater liberties than are available in any other state. These are the actual statutes that govern home education in Idaho.

Idaho law requires only that parents who choose to teach their children at home provide instruction in subjects commonly and usually taught in the public schools of Idaho. As compared to the laws in the rest of the nation, Idaho's provide tremendous freedoms.


Cheap land, too. A beautiful place...it just might be hard to find work if you need to.

Boise appears to be growing so jobs may be available

Land close in would not be cheap, but in the rural areas it is affordable.
Homeschooling is done quite a bit with no government interference here in Oregon. Quite a few years ago, when I was still teaching at home, they put in a requirement that all home school students had to take the standardized Achievement Test, given by someone other than the parent.

Land in all the counties of Eastern Oregon (with the exception of Wallowa County) is reasonable, unless you are talking of irrigated farmland.


420 friendly states, a specific request. I love Idaho, too, but this person wants NOT Idaho.

People need to understand, this may not be a hippie wanting to feel good. This may be a cancer patient needing treatment. Idaho Is NOT the place to go for that.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

I don't know where you are, but . . .

I lived in a western, 'conservative' state for years (with spouse; we're both on here under the same name)--

and moved to a more 'liberal' state. We have been treated much better in our 'liberal' area as home educators.

I think it's easy to say that the western, 'conservative' states are safer, but in mentioning several--

Utah: poor homeschooling laws, 'conservative' congress people who are really liberal

Idaho: you don't have to look farther than George Hansen and Ruby Ridge (separate incidents for those who don't know)

Washington: not good homeschool laws

Oregon: no less 'liberal' than many 'liberal' states--

Arizona: major border problems

Texas: friends and family members there get stopped much more often, especially if they display Ron Paul bumper stickers--

the idea that the west is better is simply a personal preference--

you can get into trouble anywhere--

but . . . what about Alaska? you can HIDE there!

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

Don't say "the government"

Don't say "the government" when you are referring to corrupt politicians who violate the law. Government exists to protect our Rights. That's why we have government.

When politicians violate our rights, when they break the law, they are not acting as agents of government. They are criminals.

My suggestion is New Hampshire - LIVE FREE OR DIE. Kind of has a nice ring to it, doesn't it?

I can't say Texas

is definitely the place to go as I currently live in the Fort Worth area and it's most Neocon Neo-Christian Zealots around here, but I'm moving to the Austin area this Spring (thank God) and am expecting it to be much better. I know Austin had the largest Ron Paul meetup in 2008. I'm very confident in saying that Texas is absolutely the best (freest) state for homeschooling. Basically no regulation. I love it. It's been great for that. And guns, well it's Texas. And as far as 420, like anywhere just keep it to yourself and close friends and you should be good. Mike Adams from Natural News recently moved to Dripping Springs from Vilcabamba, Ecuador to ride out the storm. He wrote an article about it on Natural News.

I second Colorado the swing state...

I live dead center of the state at 9.343 elevation being very rural with 2 and half acreas five miles down a dirt road and clear view of all the stars at night and wild life occasionally in my front yard.

"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they attack you, then you win!"

"The belief is worthless if the fear of social and physical punishment overrides the belief."

Stay where you are if

Stay where you are if possible. They dont like you cause you are doing a good job. Dont give up. Look at our Future "President", the more they hate you the better you know you are doing. we need more people to move there maybe or just help motivate the support but this is the things we will need to do even after election day. Getting very nervous that people believe the cause and work id done once Dr. Paul is elected but it will just pick up then. we need to transform our local communities also.


Big things happening in Montana for the cause of Freedom.
Fanning/Baldwin for Governor's Race. Fed up with Fed!
Last best place! Change is coming.


Check out Utopia, Texas

or the surrounding hill country area in southwest Texas near San Antonio and Austin. You can buy some land up in the hills that affords you plenty of privacy (though I don't recommend lighting up in public). The town is so small that you see deer roam the streets at night (and you also seem them throughout the day, especially near dusk). However, it is only half an hour or so from some modest sized towns, about an hour from San Antonio and less than two hours from Austin,

There are some fiercely independent folks there who don't want the government messing with their lives - including a strong group of Ron Paul supporters. And some of the most scenic views in the whold country.

Here are some images:



If you like good country music (as opposed to the fake pop country music from Nashville these days), then you will be in heaven. Lots of acts come through nearby Bandera which has several clubs to go to and Luchenbach Texas is close as well. If that isn't your cup of tea, then there is always the Austin music scene, which has a bit of everything.

There is also a pretty famous annual bluegrass festival held nearby which runs for two weeks each and is very, very much reminiscent of Woodstock - tie-dyed clothes, old and young hipsters alike (and the occasional smell of burning rope).

I currently live in an also scenic rural area in East Texas, but if the ca-ca ever hits the fan I plan on heading back to my friend's land in Utopia.

Check out my new site to help promote and fund Ron Paul: http://www.bestronpaulvideos.net/

Enjoyed the photos

:)May consider, as I lived in Austin (relocation)in the 80's. I enjoyed it but it wasn't long; I was relocated once again. :(