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I am being politically persecuted and need to move to a new state

I am not going to get into detail, but suffice it to say that I have been a pretty loud political activist the last few years and the government has started not liking me back. For several reasons, I need to relocate to a new state.

I need a place that is 420 friendly, gun friendly, homeschool friendly. I need a spot with an active group of Ron Paul supporters. Rural area, not too distant from a population center (within an hour). I want to buy some land and, you know the drill.

I should do okay with a couple of work at home projects as long as my business back home holds up. If I needed to move the business I could do it, to the right place, of course. Almost any college town will do.

Arizona looks promising so far. Any suggestions?

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If you look closely at the

If you look closely at the free state project you will see that it is going nowhere. It was started in 2001 and they needed 17+k libertarians to move there so they could fix the state. As of 2011 they only got 900+ people to move there. NH did have many people get elected in 2010 which were supposedly liberty friendly, however, they haven't been able to accomplish anything. NH has high property taxes and is not home-school friendly.

Hey let's be a little easier

Hey let's be a little easier on FSP, I just found out about it last year. You have to realize Paul has spread the idea of liberty immensely, but the seeds weren't even planted until 2007. What FSP needs is a massive outreach campaign among Paul supporters, maybe after the election, win or lose. I haven't pledged but I am leaning toward participating in FSP.

Washington, DC NW

They're making headway in the

They're making headway in the state legislature each election cycle. Their goal is not to have 20,000 move there until they get 20,000 pledged. Right now they have 11,276 pledged to move within a few years of the pledge count reaching 20,000 - they're more than halfway there. They already have 985 living in NH.

I am in Oklahoma. E mail me.

I am in Oklahoma. E mail me.

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what rprevolutionist said. :O)

OR, WA or Cali

If you can take the rain 9 months a year western OR and WA. Eastern WA and OR get conservative and not in the Ron Paul sense. SoCal has weather to die for -the deserts are cheap. All three are naturally beautiful. Just be sure to be in compliance with state law or second amendment doesn't protect you

Government is supposed to protect our freedom, our property, our privacy, not invade it. Ron Paul 2007