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Ron Paul's wide lead on Google Trends-does it mean anything?

Google Trends is an intriguing way to see how your favorite presidential candidate measures up to the others in search inquiries. Also, you can compare their traffic volume searches to news articles, references and information written about them.

It's no secret, the mainstream media doesn't exactly give equal time to each presidential candidate, and Google Trends beams a bright light on this fact. Take a look at the graph above and see for yourself.

Look at the top four candidates in the polls this past few weeks: Mitt Romney, Ron Paul, Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum--put their names in the search box, and Google Trends does the rest by bringing up a color-coded graph comparing them to each other.

The top graph clearly shows the blue line, Ron Paul's traffic, is well above all the others and surging the past 30 days. Read more: http://www.allvoices.com/contributed-news/11212562-ron-pauls...

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Dont look at Google trends that way

I think it's more conclusive to use trends this way:


Guess we'll

find out in about 24 hours.

Google Trends Surge

Comic illustration of republican candidates on Ron Paul's Google surge: http://www.smileecards.com/card/ron-paul-google-trends-2012

It will be

It will be interesting...since we here know he's mega popular behind the scenes, but the rest of the nation is still in denial, I'm SURE!!!

Of Course it Does

Think of it this way. The hardcore Ron Paul supporters already know where to go. They aren't googling Ron Paul, they come straight here or ronpaul2012.com

So that means a good 80-90% of Ron Paul google traffic are people who are fresh to the scene. THIS IS GREAT!

WOA, I never thought of it that way MykillK

You're right. When my son was home for Christmas the first thing he did was go to Daily Paul (here) to catch up on the latest!

sharkhearted's picture

It DEFINITELY means something

Note that these trends a week or two ago were also showing Paul as the uncontested leader in google inquiries, but showed as Newt in the lead in, fancy that, DC.

NO MORE! Even the inquiries from DC put Paul on top.

Might have something to do with the Tea Party endorsement? Or that even Washington insiders are waking up to the message of liberty?

Norfolk, VA

Norfolk, VA

Time to INVESTIGATE the investigators of 9/11. PROSECUTE the prosecutors. EXPOSE the cover-up.

Yes Chris, but you should check out the trends 2007, 08 ....

He leads year after year after year in Google search traffic but is WAY down in news references or articles about him. The graph is very eye-opening and proves the Black out is real, VERY real---straight from Google year after year.

Has to be a positive sign

Good find.

Uhem, Wauhoo thanks, I wrote it...=)

Thank you Wauhoo--a gentleman emailed the info to me from a Google blog! Their link and research in their blog is very interesting too.

Oops, I must have been tired

Nice to hear about a Dr. Paul supporter in Tacoma. I'm in Bellevue.

I can believe that a LOT of

I can believe that a LOT of people are looking around for information. Earlier this evening, I saw over 900 people here on DP! I was wondering at the time what the "record" was?

Wow! I wish there was a way

Wow! I wish there was a way to see trends by the hour or day, that would be interesting too! Look at the graph------he is WAY above all the others!