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Don't boycott the Huffington Post, take over the Huffington Post!

I remember a thread a couple days ago urging everyone to boycott the Huffington Post for some unfair articles they wrote about Ron Paul. I can see why it is fruturating since HuffPo has so many readers, but let's look at it a different way. The Huffington Post has been publishing a lot of articles about Ron Paul recently (some are actually good). I recommend everyone here create user accounts on the Huffingon Post and leave pro-Ron Paul comments on every single article they write about him. Let's not let the HuffPo get away with the unfair articles. Let's take over the comments section of the Huffington Post, we have the power to!

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For some reason the

For some reason the Huffington post knows we can convert alot of people there and making it difficult to post are posts. It depends on who is moderating posts. I still get through though. The Huffington is in a panic throwing alot of Ron Paul hit pieces. Its real blatant like they got took over by some neocons. Ever since that AOL deal there's alot less freedom there.

The Puff Ho is the enemy who

The Puff Ho is the enemy who needs our readership. They have published the most disgusting hit pieces on Dr. Paul, and then censor the majority of our comments defending him . They pick and chose the comments they publish, but censor others,this way they keep the suckers coming back thinking they can change things.
Often times, if there are too many pro paul comments defending a disgusting hit piece, our comments are srubbed away. Even Tom Woods has remarked on this.
No thanks! Can't have an honest dialog if our voices are muted.

Most of my comments are there.

About 70 of them, all pro-Paul, in the past 5 days.

The HuffPo politics site is sort of like Daily Kos - a large number of the posters there look at all Republicans as a joke, and tend to bash Dr. Paul, but also bash the others.

When they post biased pics of Dr. Paul, they need to be called out on it, and when they post biased article titles and biased articles on Dr. Paul, they need to be called out on it.

Same. I think every comment

Same. I think every comment I've left on that site in the past 2 weeks has been pro-Paul.

Good idea

Long term we will have to take on Obama exclusively and this is laying down the groundwork.

Not Worth the Time

How many Republicans read the Huffington Post? Less than 1%, is my guess.

Arguing with liberals when the republican nomination has just barely started is a huge waste of time.

Dr. Paul needs the help of independents to win Iowa

and other states. Many of these people read HuffPo, as do I.
It's a huge site, with sections on Media, Comedy, Lifestyle, in addition to its 2 politics topics, which are only topic pages out of about 50. A boycott by us would have little effect on their traffic.

After initially being confused about this, I found that almost all of my positive comments about Dr. Paul have been posted. I complained about the pics, and in the past few days, the pics of Ron Paul have improved - no more bogey-men poses.

I agree that more Ron Paul supporters should register on HuffPo and counteract the misinformation. There are many Ron Paul positive posts there now on the various threads.

Lets all chip in...

...and buy the place!
rename it: "The Paulitical Post" LOL

No thanks, they restrict many

No thanks, they restrict many pro Paul comments. The attacks ad especially get highly edited. How do we take it over if they won't even give us a shot?

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I initially thought mine were being blocked, too.

1) They didn't appear when I used the search tool on the site.

2) They didn't seem to be on the thread.

When I looked under my username, however, they were mostly all there (about 5% maybe were blocked).

On the threads, moderation takes so long, that by the time the posts do go through, the post is back 5-10 pages, sometimes.

A lot of the kneejerk namecalling I think is done by kids, or people with immature minds. I do think that having a carefully reasoned post will impress those people on HuffPo who have open minds.

I've left plenty of pro-Paul

I've left plenty of pro-Paul comments and have never had any restricted.

Me too.

Never had any blocked. They all go through moderation.

I've had some restricted, but most do get published.

I go there occasionally. What I've NEVER seen there is a Paul conversion. Some Ron Paul people are just brilliant, and they lay out our case PERFECTLY, only to be scoffed at and clubbed down with lies.

So many of the people there appear senseless. It's like an intellectual wasteland...and, extending the metaphor, that's where tyranny takes root. I'm not sure that's where we will find people who would love Ron Paul if they only knew him...might be smarter to devote time to stuff like raw milk forums, and we'd find more enjoyable company.

I noticed my one-liners go

I noticed my one-liners go through right away, except maybe if I include a link?

I don't have time to check them all, but earlier today the ones I checked all went thru within 5-10 minutes

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Excellent point. I agree with

Excellent point.

I agree with your observation that some hardened HP users would never change their opinions.

However, if possible we should provide our comments in order to balance discussion, while asking the readers to do their own research.

Engage in Secure Exchange

True. I do think that if we

True. I do think that if we give our opinions in a friendly manner it will help. Especially come time for the general election, hopefully most people there will have realized Ron Paul is the only candidate who will stand for the people and not with special interests.