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Literally sold the shirt (hoodie) off my back for Ron Paul!

I always wear my chocolate brown hoodie to events because I ALWAYS get compliment. Today at a poker tournament a guy literally bought it off my back. He wanted it so bad he would have paid up. I directed him too the website but he didn't want to wait so I sold it to him for the 30 I paid. It was my favorite piece of gear but I'm buying another one right now and the campaign gets another 30, but more importantly we have a new fan. No other campaign gets this type of reaction, I was so proud hearing people at the game joking how I sold the shirt off my back for Ron Paul!

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Kenny G?

Is that you!?

We need an endorsement man!!

Barry Manilow wussed out!


Cool story. I hope you were playing hold 'em. RP is a hit with the poker crowd.

hold'em for hoodies!

Yeah i was playing texas hold'em in a tournament and I knew almost no one there. By the end of the night people were joking about the fact that I literally took off my Ron Paul sweatshirt and sold it! The funny thing was the guy would have paid me more, but i told him i was so proud I only took the money to give to the campaign.

that's pretty cool

so what sweater we talking about?

Chocolate brown sweatshirt on campaign site


I always get compliments, everywhere i go.

Just bought another one.