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Vote Fraud: What Ron Paul Supporters Must Do To Win the Iowa Caucus

Read the whole article, but the gist is below. . .

Here’s the solution to prevent the falsification of the totals by the Iowa State GOP operatives on the night of the Iowa Presidential Caucus of 2012.

If the Ron Paul Campaign, or their supporters, will – this time:

-- send a representative to EVERY ONE OF THE LOCAL IOWA CAUCUSES – all 1750 or so local gatherings for 2012

-- and then have that eye-witness rep at each local caucus call in the true results, as soon as they are known, to a central Ron Paul phone bank designated specifically for this purpose,

-- and then post these true results from each local caucus immediately that night at a pre-announced website dedicated to this purpose so the world can be alerted as to the REAL VOTE COUNT in the 2012 Iowa Caucuses

– then this will prevent the crooked operatives running the IOWA state GOP from FALSIFYING the results against Ron Paul -- and in favor of Newt Gingrich or one of the other corrupt, established-approved puppets.

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There's a great way to prevent election fraud

Shine some light on the process ---->

1. Register as reporter so you can count the vote
2. Bring cell phones, cameras, video cams, audio recording
3. If you see unethical stuff, take video
you may want to have someone else on the sidelines for this.
4. Stay until the vote is counted and finalized.
5. Take a picture of the vote results at your precinct.
6. Upload your results, including picture, to all 3 independent vote tallies.

Blackboxvoting.org see below


"Take hold of the future or the future will take hold of you." -- Patrick Dixon

The first website

The first website watchthevote2012 appears to be more organized to monitor the results. You can actually register to be a vote monitor (they need people for the 1,784 caucus sites). You can register and it appears they will be posting results so we do not have to wait on MSM. Can we promote this more?


Don't forget to Register as a Reporter so you can count the vote

and take a pic of the tally sheet with a camera!!


If the rep. from the precinct signs up with this site, it is set up for this exact purpose. This is very important. It is not true that the campaign has asked anyone not to do this. Why then would Ron Paul himself have asked us to "watch the vote?"


C'mon people, this is huge!!! No trolls please.

John F

Sorry John, I did not see

Sorry John, I did not see your comment before I posted. Please any Iowans sign up and make sure to document the vote at www.watchthevote2012.com. It is important. In 2008 the votes in our state were stolen. Votes were to be counted after the caucus in public, then it was decided to count them at the state capitol in secret with results TBD the following day - needless to say not favorable to RP.

They need volunteers - I believe it is O.K. with the campaign as long as we are polite, etc. Personally, I am disappointed in HQ for not organizing this effort better.

What they asked, i believe,

What they asked, i believe, is that there be no ad-hoc things done by supporters. That all will be handled through "proper" channels within the campaign.

But i still think i heard their position is a hands off position, because they "don't want to alienate" the officials.

I think the campaign should be bulldogs on this issue. Pardon the language, but they need to be all over this like flies on $hit!

The campaign has specifically

The campaign has specifically asked people not to do this because it will undermine their relationship with the state party and county coordinators.

Freedom and Reason, the highest ideals.

Not True!!

Paul supports the count!! That's not hurting us at all!!

They have to count!! That's the only way we can guarantee a true vote count!!

They are required by law to be transparent and you can declare your rights to it!!

This is one place i disagree

This is one place i disagree with the campaign. This is high stakes game and the propensity of these people to commit fraud is very high.

The campaign while a 1000x more professional than last go around still seems kind of naive, so to speak, every now and again. This is one of those times imo.

All the talk of a Paul Candidacy being meaningless is enough to make an honest man sit up and take notice of the possibilities. The Iowa Governor himself said that a Paul victory doesn't matter. That is just morally wrong.

my $0.02