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Kryptonite Answer On Iran

"So, Panetta says Iran WILL have the bomb in a year, probably less..."

So - according to Panetta and the Obama Administration, Iran Will have the bomb well before RP is elected and sworn in as President in January of 2012...so he would not have the authority as Commander and Chief to do anything about it or to stop them from acquiring the bomb.

Therefore we are looking at a hypothetical situation and asking all of the republican Candidates about Iran -it's clear...they have nothing to ponder except an Iran that they'll inhereit the office of POTUS that sees Iran as a nuclear power.

Given the fact that both Democrat and Republican establishment Presidents have failed with negotiating and dealing with Iran for more than 40 years - it's time for a non establishment, non-status quo President. The only one is Ron Paul.

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I've always liked the

I've always liked the position that a racist person would also be a proponent of war with Iran and for that matter every nation in the middle and far east.

That alone destroys the half-assed notion that RP is somehow a closet white-supremacist. (Not to mention there is ZERO video proof of him giving a remotely racist speech OR a desire to pass legislation that is somehow racially biased.)