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Jesse Benton kills it on CNN w/Brooke Baldwin (video)


Jesse frames the election as between Ron and Romney, and labels Santorum "crooked"!

Way to go, Jesse!

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Benton has improved.


I'm impressed. You did a good job Jesse.

Wowsa Wowsa, that was

Wowsa Wowsa, that was probably the best (speaking in terms of political punditry) Ron Paul related interview I've ever seen. Benton just set the narrative, hit all the important points, I'm loving this!

This race really is about the establishment status quo versus the true conservative reformer: Romney versus Paul. That's the fight we have, the fight we want, and we can win that fight.

Start us off with a bang Iowans!

"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."

What? Age Discrimination..."he's too old?"

What would they ask in the event President Paul was half-white and half_some other color? What would they ask if President Paul lived as a great big Fat Man like Newt? Is Newt too Fat to be President? Is Rick Perry too much like a slow thinker like George Bush? Do these questions sound bigoted? Ron Paul looks younger than these parasitic men that live off the people in Congress and the Senate...look at Bill O'Reilly at the FOXED up network. Ron Paul looks younger and is more fit than Reilly and big 'ol Rush Limbaugh. Oh, there are so many more so much uglier and older looking and feeling than President Paul.

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They need

to let the reporter answer the question, "Have you looked at Santorum's record?"

When Rand was on CNN he let the guy off the hook, "He wants to take troops out of Japan ... Germany ... e ... er ...a ... ee ..."

That was phenomenal

VERY SMART to put Jesse Benton on TV.

Also, isn't he Ron Paul's grandson-in-law?

The age question is disgusting...

The answer I always give is: " Well some people believed Obama was too black and others thought Hillary was too female, I personally find those type of bigoted views disrespectful and unhelpful. There will always be a few racists, agists or misogynists, but I think most people are above that type of bigotry. Most will vote for someone based on their WISDOM and LEADERSHIP and not their skin color, age or empty rhetoric."

I'm making this its own thread - brilliant!


New thread about this:


"Know what you know, know what you don't know, and understand and appreciate the distinction."


Turn it back!

At 3:48 when they put up the numbers for NH right after trying to pump Santorum I wished Jesse would turn it back on them and say "Santorum doesn't even show up on that poll! ...and you say he's 'surging'!?!"

Their numbers can be used against them whilst ignoring/deflecting their attacks.

Rights are like muscles; you must exercise them to keep them fit, or they will atrophy and die.

Great work by Jesse

Thanks for psoting

Throwing the age bomb. Is he to old?

Good answer from Jesse.

Better answer. Isn't it interesting that all the young people supporting Ron Paul don't think so. That really says something about the man and his ideas.

What a great job he is doing and very articulate!!!


Jesse Benton Rocks!

Jesse Benton Rocks! I'm looking forward to seeing him run for office some day.

Ed Rombach

Jesse was fantastic. Nice

Jesse was fantastic. Nice job!

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The Daily Paul is going to be

The Daily Paul is going to be the TV News network for President Ron Paul.

We need to cleanse America of the un-free press and the presstitutes.

Way to go Jesse

You 'da man !

These last coule of

These last coule of interviews are the first I saw of Jesse. I'm glad I did because all the people on here that were bashing him just got humbled a bit I think. Jesse is doing a great job!

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I'm so surprised! Jesse spoke very well in this piece

thanks for sharing..

To hear people talk on here, they make Jesse look bad.

But this kid makes himself look great.

He is sharp as a razor man. Between Doug and Jesse - gives me a lot of confidence.

Reporter in video clip

Hey guys first time poster. Proud to be part of the Ron Paul revolution.
At about 50 seconds when this female reporter interviewing Dr Paul, she cuts him off "rick santorum is liberal". the disrespect from these reporters is amazing. I have never seen any candidate besides Paul get abused like this. They cant even show him respect and allow him to finish his thoughts. What a shame! This country is do for an overhaul and not a moment too soon.

I hear you

I fantasize about Ron Paul winning the White House, and COMPLETELY boycotting the MSM: refusing press credentials to every single major outlet, granting interviews ONLY to Judge Nap, Stossel, the Daily Paul, lewrockwell.com, RT, Leno, maybe Cavuto, etc., with the press room only allowing reps from the above.

When Ron takes the White House...

he might just find that much of the msm is "black ops" and funded by "we the people." Ron will dispatch them in quick order.

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"I know major allies who fund them" Gen. Dempsey referring to ISIS

Jesse brought his 'A' game on

Jesse brought his 'A' game on this campaign. Good job!

WOW! Great job Jesse!

WOW! Great job Jesse! Extremely well spoken with great insight and a welcoming demeanor. Very impressive interview! Between the recent performances of Jesse Benton, Doug Wead, and Ron Paul himself, I am extremely excited about the prospects of the campaign moving forward. Very well done at a CRITICAL time. Keep up the hard work Jesse!

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Kills it is right

I can't imagine him handling any of those questions any better. Well done, Jesse!

The only thing

getting 'under my skin' is her snotty demeanor. Other than that - good job Jesse explaining things to the talking head.

Benton has developed into a half decent spokesman

still question some of the operational things (poor response to newsletters, no national defense ads) but this was a much better interview than he'd have given in '07-'08. He must have learned a lot at the Thanksgiving dinner table .

"The wisdom and guidance to get us through tough times"

That was a beautiful statement! Thanks Jesse :)

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I agree

The elders are wise


very good job!