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Associated Press: Paul Odds of Winning Presidency Slim But Possible.

Paul: Odds of winning presidency slim but possible
By THOMAS BEAUMONT, Associated Press – 4 minutes ago

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — Republican Ron Paul, a leading contender in Iowa's presidential caucuses, said Monday on the eve of the leadoff 2012 vote that he does not envision himself in the White House.

The Texas congressman, near the top of the polls in Iowa, said the odds of him winning are slim and admitted that the path to the nomination was unclear without a strong performance in Iowa and the New Hampshire primary next week.

When asked Monday during an ABC News interview in Des Moines whether he sees himself in the Oval Office, Paul replied: "Not really, but I think it's a possibility."

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eh...... whatever

At least there was no "that's not gonna happen".


What is begun in anger, ends in shame.

Overall, a good article

I understand why supporters of Dr. Paul get frustrated when he says things like...'he doesn't see himself in the Oval Office",,,what I have come to learn about Dr. Paul is that he is truly a very humble man and is literally embarrassed to PROMOTE himself....(what a breath of fresh air in the age of facebook...like me, notice me, follow me, ect.)

He does say sincerely, that it is a possiblity...and the very end of the article expresses his TRUE desire/motive for running...

"Still, Paul said he was as much rallying a movement to change politics in America as he was campaigning for president."

As he has always said, 'it is not about the next election, but the next generation.'

Jesus is the saviour of the WHOLE WORLD, "As in Adam all die, so too in Christ ALL shall be made alive." (ICor.15:22) All means all. The pagan 'hell' of literal fire & eternal torment is a lie and is SPIRITUAL TERRORISM. http://www.hopebeyondhell.net

Oh yeah? Well, I would like

Oh yeah? Well, I would like to see the video where he said that one. I did see the video where he talked about confidence, but not when he said the other..and I agree, they now talk about him winning, and HE doesn't? I do not get that...

Ron Paul...

being HUMBLE, as usual!

Doctor Paul, honest to a fault...

but we're still gonna 'force him' into the Oval Office, whether he thinks it's a long shot or not.o)

wonder if it'd freak him out, if someone from the R3VOL directly told him that world peace & the very survival of the Republic depends on him.

at the risk of verging on the creepy, he kinda is "Obi-wan, you're our only hope."

as far as the Republic's concerned, I have no doubt.

though others may carry on, the Gray Champion is utterly irreplicable and irreplaceable. he is unique to our history.

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul

what the ?


This is the first time MSM has acknowledged he could win at all.

This sounds bad, but trust me we have just crested the hill. And we are going to steam full speed through Iowa tomorrow and then kill New Hampshire.

Its a good thing.