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Tom Woods: Iowans, Don’t Let CNN Make Up Your Minds – Support the Guy They FEAR!

..Iowans, Don’t Let CNN Make Up Your Minds – Support the Guy They Fear...

It is not the job of Iowans, or anyone else, to rubber-stamp the choices the establishment has told them are acceptable and safe. It is their job to make up their own minds – and if that means telling the establishment to take a flying leap, then so be it. Read more... http://tinyurl.com/7enj9c4

The Two-Minute Case for Ron Paul


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Wayne Paul/Alex Jones Interview

Wayne Paul (Ron's brother) is talking about Election Fraud wit Alex Jones! Listen in!!


The original URL goes to a

The original URL goes to a blog Tom wrote that I WISH waw in the Iowa newspaper but oh well. He also has some GREAT comments on a speech to caucus with. PLEASE click it and read his stuff.

"A Ron Paul victory would

"A Ron Paul victory would mean that more Americans than we could have imagined even five years ago are prepared to tell the establishment to stick it."

Iowa: Vote Ron Paul! You may incidentally cause ruptured spleens in establisment corners, but, then again, the establishment has given us worse. Vote for the truth, the light, for liberty!

malo periculosam libertatem quam quietum servitium

I am an aristocrat. I love liberty; I hate equality. - John Randolph of Roanoke

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The status-quo establishment fears Ron Paul as. . .

"the baloney fears the slicer"! Gosh, how graphic can you get!!!

TomWoods.com is where we learn how to think, speak, get dehannitized and still savor those cut baloney for lunch!


Love it!

This was an excellent video. Our people are excellent, and I'm proud to be a part of this movement. It's the one bright star of our times.

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Tom Woods...

tells it like it is!

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.


Right on the mark!We need to listen to our active duty military this time!They want Ron Paul!America voted for the least experience last time,LETS VOTE FOR THE MOST EXPERIENCE THIS TIME!!!

Ron Paul 2012!


Nothing but WIN!

Tom on the mark as usual.

Spot on truth.

hehehe...yeah buddy...

grrrrrrr.....unplugged is right. History in the making.

I liked the article, thanks

“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness.” - Mark Twain

LOVE Tom Woods' speech~~can you replay it on a screen??

This would be great to replay for caucus night if you're not used to speaking!! Maybe, you could get a copy of his speech, too.....OR

I have a 5 minute speech below you can use~~~GOOD LUCK SPEAKERS!!

THIS SPEECH pulls Iowans in emotionally. You have to realize that they pretty much know RP's positions, so we have to HOOK THEM, you know?

"In thinking of what to say to you tonight, I decided what was most important was to just talk about the concerns I have & you Iowans have & all Americans have, because I think we've all been through so much these past few years. But, I believe this is truly historic tonight. Because of what we've been through~~through the Crash of '08, the threats by Hank Paulson that the world would come to an end if we didn't pass the Bankers Bailouts, and even when over 80% of all Americans were against it, our Congressmen voted against us! I remember how I felt that day, when the D.C. telephone switchboards broke down due to so many Americans calling.. I got a sick feeling wash over me. Little did we all know what would happen, but soon, the Federal Reserve printed MASSIVE SUMS OF MONEY to the tune of $16 trillion dollars. What happened to the $700 billion originally? Now, $16 trillion dollars? And, that incredible amount would be on the backs of us, our children, and our grandchildren? Also, during that time period, our Congressmen passed OBAMACARE, remember? Kind of like Romney Care, remember? But, our congressmen got waivers, and oh, btw, McDonalds's and other "special" corporations got waivers, too. Again, I felt that nauseous feeling come over me. Incredulously, bills were being passed WITHOUT OUR CONGRESSMEN even reading them.

"Well, I think you get the picture, but in the midst of all this mess, we had ONE CONGRESSMAN who wasn't bought & paid for by the lobbyists, who voted against the Banking Bailouts, who always could be depended on to be consistent & trustworthy, who received more donations from our soldiers than Obama & all these other candidates put together. The point is our soldiers have confidence in this man. We are now in a historic crisis economically, and not one of the other candidates care to even cut back and bring JUST SOME OF OUR SOLDIERS home from Germany OR even Japan. Why is that?? Follow the money, because the War Money Machine makes a lot of money in weapons, tanks, bullets, everything, why? Because they have government contracts where we, the taxpayers, are paying a premium so that these contractors & owners of businesses can make out big time. Clearly, something has to be done.

So, here we are this night, a historic night, where the STATUS QUO Governor is trying to intimidate you Iowan Americans by threatening you to NOT vote for Ron Paul. Big Media and the GOP don't seem to want this man, but guess who would back him if he won the nomination? SARAH PALIN. The powers that be hope we will be stupid and listen to ONLY them. They want their power, but the problem with that is they want their power at our expense. The War Money Machine is strong and powerful, and President Eisenhower warned us about it getting out of control, just like our GOVERNMENT's GONE WILD! This humble man, a President Paul, who will take a $39,000 salary if elected as your President, has only wanted to go to war on one condition~~to declare it! And after all, isn't that what our US Constitution demands? Is that so unreasonable?

But, IF YOU WANT BIG GOV., BIG MILITARY BUDGETS, MORE DEBT FOR OUR CHILDREN, and NO JUSTICE, then vote for the other candidates, because they will give you more of the same, but if you want someone you can trust & who is the ONLY CANDIDATE who has a fighting chance against Obama, then vote for DR. RON PAUL. He was with the people on the banking bailouts, but OBAMA left the campaign trail just to PUSH the Banking Bailouts. Ron Paul is electable on that account alone! But, he is also a great economist and a brilliant historian. Ron Paul is the PEOPLE'S CANDIDATE, not the STATE's. Winning Iowa will give him major momentum which will light a huge fire in the hearts & minds of all Americans, once they know him more, like the Iowans did.

You WILL make history tonight. You have been insulted & threatened by your own Governor, but I have confidence you have the strength of courage to defy these people! Who are the Media or the Governor or anyone else to tell you who to vote for! Vote your conscience. Vote for a man with Integrity and who has never flip-flopped as Romney or the others have, and who is not a big gov. politician like Santorum. Vote RON PAUL. Thank you."

you got it!

you got it!

Trust in God, but tie your camel tight.

"Socialism needs two legs on which to stand; a right and a left. While appearing to be in complete opposition to one another,they both march in the same direction." - Paul Proctor