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From Business Insider - The Truth About Iowa: Ron Paul Rocked The House Today

Ron Paul is back in Iowa today, taking a victory lap around the state before voters head to the caucuses tomorrow night.

While his campaign has suffered some serious setbacks over the past few weeks, reports about Paul's 1990s newsletters and about his penchant for conspiracy theories haven't dampened enthusiasm here in the Hawkeye State. Paul, campaigning with his son, Sen. Rand Paul, have been greeted like rock stars, with hundreds of supporters turning out to rally in both Des Moines and Cedar Rapids.

In truth, Paul has already won. The latest Iowa poll shows the Texas Congressman neck-and-neck with Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum, basically guaranteeing that Paul will take one of the top three spots in the first-in-nation state.

Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/the-truth-about-iowa-ron-paul...

UPDATE: and check this one out from the LA Times! "For Ron Paul, a moment of vindication and maybe more"

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And then... there was THIS d-bag...

Check out this clown: "Ron Paul (I fear) wins Iowa". He just had to add the parentheses as though to really hit that point home: (I'm a douche!)

But you know what? I'm still totally pumped!! :-D

"Ron Paul (I fear) wins Iowa"

"Paul supporters are nothing short of rapid" (rabid)

Mr. Thiessen's mind works faster than his fingers.

My thought is that he meant to say "rabid", but he was actually recalling another "Iowa" upset, when Ron Paul's Iowa "Rapid-Response" team sprang into action on June 30th., 2007 when Ed Failor from the Iowans for Tax Relief decided that Ron Paul wasn't worthy of the presidential forum that he and the Iowan Christian Alliance put on. For those of you who missed that, new to the Revolution, they excluded Dr. Paul, yet invited all the other "fiscally conservative candidates".

Here's a YouTube to get you fired up for tonight! Skip to about 3:00 point if you're in a hurry to see just who showed up for a "rapid-response" rally.


Restore the Foundations - "If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?"

lol yeah he said that Ron

lol yeah he said that Ron Paul supporters are "rapid"

I thanked him for Liberty is a tree of "rapid" growth.

He still hasn't corrected his article

Not Santorum

his numbers realistically are low .... this whole surge thing is manufactured by the MSM .... in particular CNN ... if Santorum finishes in third ... everyone will know the process was fixed. Ron Paul number one.

CNN interview last night

They interviewed Mary Matlin & Donna Brasil, the interviewer kept bringing up the Santorum surge and they would both roll their eyes. At one point one of them "we not seeing it (surge)".

Actually Santorum Could Best Romney

Romney is also over reported, and really really dull.. like Bob Dole.


Hey, whichever...

I'm just happy to see Mittens and Frothy splitting the crazy vote. Which, by the by, is why I can not for the life of me understand how some folks can say they're between RON PAUL and one of those asshats. I mean, really. How are you waffling between two total opposites????


the crazy vote.......tis true......

tis SO true.

that's why my mom STILL can't see to voting for ron - because she's part of the crazy dem vote that brought us oh blah blah and she's not able to get past the fundamental christian BS crazy vote on the conservative side.

how i managed to get my mind past the christian fundamentalist and see my way through to ron - it's a GD miracle.

animals have their "religion" - it's called nature.
and so shall i have it - each day i live to feel, breathe, and taste it.