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For Ron Paul, a moment of vindication – and maybe more

For Ron Paul, a moment of vindication – and maybe more

By James Oliphant, Washington Bureau
January 2, 2012

Reporting from Des Moines—
For Ron Paul's supporters, the throng that greeted them at a hotel ballroom Monday was more than cause for excitement. It was a moment of vindication, or even, some thought, the start of something very big.

"This is the beginning of the second revolution," said Monte Goodyk, 37, of the 800-person hamlet of Sully, Iowa. Four years ago, Goodyk campaigned for Mitt Romney, made calls for him. But then a friend turned him on to Paul. And that was that.

"Liberty. It's about small government," Goodyk said as he stared at the gathering of about 500 and the banks of cameras from national and international TV networks. Romney, he said, "just wants the same control everyone else does."

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