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Crazy Is Our Only Hope

Just posted this to my local Republican Facebook Group. I would love your feedback:

I'll take Dr. No's record over that of any other candidate anytime. Stop and think about it: is it really a good thing to add to the federal government? It certainly isn't a conservative value. Aren't we looking for something completely different in government? CONSERVATIVE is voting against EVERY tax increase, EVERY unbalanced budget.

No, Ron Paul doesn't have a lot of friends on Capital Hill, because our congress is full of criminals and bums. (hello 9% approval rating?) The bills Ron Paul introduces are always constitutional and against the corrupt system in Washington—of course they don't garner much support.

For instance, Ron Paul has introduced The Sanctity of Life Act TWICE. There's nothing scary in the bill, it simply defines life at conception and over turns any judicial rulings on abortion.

If at least SOME of the people in Washington, including current GOP candidates, actually cared about stopping abortion we would have done it years ago. Instead Congress is full of guys like Santorum who will claim to be pro-life and then PROUDLY support pro-abortion Arlen Spector. We have Newt who promised to campaign for Republicans who supported partial birth abortion, and we have Romney who can't seem to make his mind up. ARE THESE REALLY OUR CHOICES?

The same argument can be made for every issue conservatives are supposed to care about.

CONSERVATIVES, if you BELIEVE in ending abortion, in drastically cutting spending, in states rights, in a strong national defense, in THE WISDOM of OUR FOUNDING FATHERS, it is time to stop listening to the words coming out of the mouths of shiny politicians, stop listening to only what Rupert Murdock wants you to hear, and start looking at the lives and records and start support CONSERVATIVES who actually want advance CONSERVATE change.

Our country is in this mess because CONSERVATIVES keep electing phonies. The GOP establishment gave us John "Obama Lite" McCain in 2008. They gave a pathetic $30 Billion in cuts after we elected them in 2010. If the GOP we have is normal, if Newt Romney is normal, then CRAZY is OUR ONLY HOPE.

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