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Ok.... hell where do I start.

I have been very disappointed with the posts that have implied the brochures are losing votes.

Those posts are poorly written, and do nothing to suggest a reasonable course of action, or what the specific problem is... perhaps they were posted to accomplish this, me, a relative nobody to write this response.

The only way I could even begin to guess what the problem is, was due to the excellent numerous responses and shared observations.

Here are the most important thoughts that come to my mind:

1. Devil's Argument: The brochure, while quite excellent, could be improved.

2. Every election, people tend to confuse a candidates promises vs what a candidates positions are... Paul has released a specific plan. I don't think getting rid of the federal reserve and the IRS are in the plan. So Paul's position is that the federal reserve and the IRS should not exist.
Let us assume for a second a few things. But that's not part of the plan, and that's not a campaign promise.

3. I don't know if this is even remotely possible, and I have the benefit of hindsight, but let's just for a moment pretend that we can majorly tweak the brochure. Here's what I think the contents should be: Balancing the budget and paying down the debt is number one, it should mention that Paul is the only one with a detailed plan, don't republish the plan, just mention it. The other item should be protection of civil liberties, i.e. freedom should be number two. That's it. Everything else can be just character testimony. Put in a few more graphics, with slogans "will veto spending" etc...

Simplify. More pictures. Some slogans, "the freedom candidate"

4. I have no connection to the campaign, I have no connection to anyone on the DP, I'm not coordinating with anyone. I'm simply thinking out loud, because if there is a chance to improve the brochures, then we should. I post this in opposition to the idea that the brochures are vote killers, and hence the implication is to stop sending them. I read a couple of observations that stuck in my head and got me thinking. One was that older folks actually read stuff that is sent to them. Someone mentioned that, and it makes perfect sense to me. Then combine that with the idea that older folks also hate change, and have a hard time taking someone serious that claims we will get rid of the IRS and the federal reserve ...another DPer mentioned that.

So the brochure was big enough to cram in all the issues, but it was not big enough to provide nuanced answers for all those issues.

Hell, I will be glad just to get Paul in as President and have him veto any spending bills, and any bills that are unconstitutional, and to bring home as many troops as possible.

I don't know what is involved with the brochure, I donated nearly $300 toward the project. If there is a chance to improve them, it may be asking a lot, but that is why I post this.

Please discuss.

...forgive the errors, this is a zero edit post.

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the other thought is, if they

the other thought is, if they are all already printed, how do we get the brochures to young people, instead of older folks who get bent out of shape by talking about getting rid of the IRS and the fed....