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Davenport Whistle Stop: Rand Paul & Ron Paul "mic checked"

The mic check is hilarious!!


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Mic check is stupid.

I'm pretty sure everyone in the room heard the first guy the first time. No need to repeat things when you have a bold individual. What are we, the borg?

Europe reacting to the Iowa Caucus

At the end Dr. Paul mentions the message could perhaps be heard throughout the world…

My mom just called from Europe where she has access to German, French, British etc. channels. She is a big Ron Paul supporter but unable to vote as she is French. She's been enthusiastically watching coverage of the Iowa Caucus from there. Her first words were, "Ron Paul is doing really well!" She says people being interviewed on the streets are displaying extremely strong and passionate support for Dr. Paul. They recognize that he would be good not only for the US, but for the world.

We love you Dr. Paul!!! And people from all around the world do too!

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Wow, we have absorbed the best of Occupy! tactics.

Mic check by We the People :-)

Mic Check of Ron Paul in Davenport Iowa 1/2/2011

Mic check yesterday of Ron Paul in Davenport, Iowa - the day before the caucus by a group calling themselves RONonymous:

Mic check, Mic check
Thank you Dr. Paul
Thank you for opposing the indefinate detention of Americans
Thank you for opposing bailouts for Wall Street Billionaires
Thank you for opposing unnecessary wars
Thank you for standing up against corporatism
and cronyism
Thank you for fighting to stop
the private bank the federal resevere
from stealing the wealth of the many
while enriching the few
Thank you for fighting for our liberties
Thank you for caring about the 99%
We love you Dr. Paul
Let's hear it for Ron Paul!

There is another video of it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C2tFhJ6MF9s

Anonymous Libertarians

Ron/Rand ticket

I'd have serious qualms about a Ron/Rand ticket, because the shrieks of "NEPOTISM" would fly fast and furious. Let's deal with the opposition that we have now, and not buy trouble.

Personally, I'd like to see if he could draft John Stossel or Walter E. Williams, albeit they'd be better situated as press secretary or so.

Freedom is my Worship Word!

Today's the Day

Personally, I'll be content with a 3rd place finish, but I'm expecting more, i.e. 1st place. Nabbing first place in Iowa will help set the stage for silencing the nonsense that Ron isn't electable. A first place finish in Iowa would be very valuable as the campaign moves into NH where Romney still maintains a significant lead. We'll see if Iowans can see through the shenanigans of Ron's opponents. Let Iowa have her voice.

I'm visualizing a landslide victory for The Good Doctor

I'm visualizing a landslide victory for The Good Doctor; then we could all say, "Oh, yeah? Unelectable DIS!"

I also occasionally visualize whirled peas, but that's a different joke. ;-)

Freedom is my Worship Word!


am visualizing it as well, I can already see the 1st place win in my head and Dr.Paul making a speech.

Mic check or human

Mic check or human microphone? :)

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A mic check you won't see on the Tv

I think the guy who started it off should have let them finish before he started.. a patient smile would have ended it shortly and no harm.

Get Out Of Our Way, We Are Here To Restore The Republic!!

Nice vid...thanks for sharing..

Vice President?

Rand does such a good job, if Ron gets the nomination, perhaps he should ask his son to be his running mate! (Or, perhaps what we're seeing is the next great presidential candidate for 4 years from now.) Imagine a Paul/Paul ticket this year! It would be an historical first and something rather interesting.

I was thinking those same things.

If Rand can keep his seat in Kentucky and the economy continues to tank like it has, then yes, I could see him running in four years.

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how long into the vid ?

does the mic check happen.
btw i would like to see Ron invite them over to the mic and tell them to give their speech there so more people would listen to them.
that would probably make OWS off balance.
then he could educate them about the real causes of the problems we face.
OWS wont be able to play the victim game then, and would probably get some pointers on reality !

Dr.Ron Paul's 2002 Predictions

People Should Know This!

Everything Rand said in the introduction is something, if true, the American people need to know about! That's great stuff, I think, for rousing people's anger and winning their vote for Ron.

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Big Bump: Enthusiasm is rampant here.

The energy level of Ron Paul is awesome to watch.

Mic Check

While watching the video, it made me think about the few who have been writing their caucus speeches.

Wouldn't it be something if one of them, at the podeum said, "Mic Check!" And the rest of their group repeated it loudly.

Then he/her says into the mic again, "Mic Check!" And again the group repeated it loudly, (to get everyone's attention.)

And the speaker says into the mic, "Ron Paul 2012!" (with enthusiasm.) And of course, the rest of the group repeats with the same energy.

Then the speaker thanks everyone for attending the caucus and begins their speech with some kind of intro about how lucky we are to have the freedom of free speech in out country....


Maybe they should edit the very end... LOL

Great speech from the Doc!

lol u guys suck. the way he

lol u guys suck. the way he said it was funny.


always great to see the Whistle Stops .... I think there are 3 others - see if we can find them -

now thats a mic check!

now thats a mic check!

VP Rand Paul




If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

We the people

great job by the guy introducing the Pauls.

Jeremiah Johnson

Jeremiah Johnson and his brother Will have been a valued asset to our liberty team here in Iowa. We need to get Jeremiah re-elected to the Iowa GOP Central Committee.

Rand is a great speaker.

Rand is a great speaker.

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Nice spirit


Rand's speech in the

Rand's speech in the beginning is great...

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

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Agree Brian.

Paul/Paul is the winning ticket.