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Later tonight - Iowa Republican Caucus Results

Here is where you can get the latest Iowa Republican caucus results when they come in later on tonight.

Des Moines Register
County by county results (precincts included within each county). The election returns are updated as they are reported by the Associated Press.

Iowa Secretary of State website:


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I think I have discovered something VERY BAD

There has been a viral video going by a guy called Jim Condit Jr

It has gone viral. And there are 1350 facebook users who have fallen for his http://www.watchthevote2012.com/ and http://www.facebook.com/groups/watchthevote2012/ Facebook and webpages.

I have a list of these facebook users. Its massive. And I think that THIS IS GOING TO BE USED as a way to DISCREDIT RON PAUL!

I just joined it so I could look about. The guy running it is written about here http://www.jimconditjr.com/ ... and he has attracted many RP supporters using this trick website and video here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GeggPSL3g...

These people have been asked to take his vote count sheets to the caucus. And NONE of them know that he is a KKK nazi and linked to White Ayran groups. I think this is a trick to use to smear Ron Paul at a later date. Maybe in a day or two. This is BIG

I just read that Jim Condit here is a Hitler apologist. So I would say that people NEED to get this out there. And also organise contact of the people on this facebook page and tell them!! It is a trap. And this guy is a plant, and a documented KKK involvist and a mason.

Can anyone organise sorting out, and averting this trap, as I am in the UK. I think this is how they plan to discredit Ron Paul!!