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I have recently been reading a lot of online RP articles and I love seeing the overwhelming support in the comments section. ..so I wanted to see what kind of support the articles on other candidates were getting, and what i noticed is that there is no one to recorrect any bogus or heinous comments regarding the same ridiculous allocations the MSM is making against ron paul. Any mitt romney supporter is googling mitt, and reading the comments section on THEIR candidate, and that is where i think they need to see that there is RP support, they arent looking for the answers in RP articles.

I'm suggesting we hit the comments section of articles for every candidate not just ron paul

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good idea


Just where is the DailyWillard?

I don't even want to consider a DailySantorum.

Well, I think that is a dang

Well, I think that is a dang good idea..