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Washington Post: Ron and Rand Paul, a double dose of liberty

By Nia-Malika Henderson, Published: January 2

DES MOINES — It’s never too early to start thinking about 2016.

As Rep. Ron Paul, the oldest candidate in the Republican field, heads into what could be his final Iowa caucuses, his motley band of supporters is buzzing about a second coming — Sen. Rand Paul.

Rand Paul, 48, rode the wave of voter discontent in 2010, winning a U.S. Senate seat in Kentucky and promptly claiming the title of tea party senator. Ron Paul, 76, campaigned for his son, and his son is returning the favor.

At five well-attended whistle-stop rallies across the state, Paul the younger joined Paul the elder, showing that the septuagenarian congressman not only has been able to expand his support but also has the capacity to extend his brand.

While it’s not uncommon for the children of presidential candidates to stump for their parents, there is perhaps no more effective surrogate than Sen. Paul, who has voted in lock step with his father on issues that are key to fiscal conservatives and who is proof to tea party voters that the movement has moved to Washington.

The Paul camp, hoping for at least a third-place finish in Iowa, has deployed the senator to tout his father’s anti-establishment credentials.

“Anybody here want their government to mind their own business?” Rand Paul asked, garnering a raucous “yes” from the audience, before introducing his dad in the ballroom of a downtown Marriott. “There is only one candidate who will balance the budget in one term . . . there is only one candidate who has never been accused of flip-flopping . . . that candidate is my father.”

While Sen. Paul is an ideological copy of his father and they both have medical degrees, their onstage presence couldn’t be more different.

Where his father can be professorial, going from one run-on sentence to the next, name-dropping Austrian economists along the way, the senator from Kentucky is succinct, more down-home (the Southern drawl helps) and less cranky.


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"less cranky"
Actually, we don't NEED that right now.
Amerika needs an en*ma ;-)