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Dr. Ron Paul: Odds of winning presidency possible

MOINES, Iowa—Republican Ron Paul, a leading contender in Iowa's presidential caucuses, said Monday on the eve of the leadoff 2012 vote that he does not envision himself in the White House.

The Texas congressman, near the top of the polls in Iowa, said the odds of him winning are slim and admitted that the path to the nomination was unclear without a strong performance in Iowa and the New Hampshire primary next week.

When asked Monday during an ABC News interview in Des Moines whether he sees himself in the Oval Office, Paul replied: "Not really, but I think it's a possibility."

He added: "I don't deceive myself. You know what the odds are. The odds have been slim."

Paul made the comments after a five-city blitz where he headlined large, enthusiastic crowds packed with younger voters, re-emerging in the state after spending two days out of Iowa at home in Texas while his rivals blanketed the state.


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'I don't deceive myself. You know what the odds are. The odds have been slim.'

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2081584/Presidential...

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Ron knows never be over

Ron knows never be over confident. Always run as if your in last place and push as hard as you can, even if you're leading by 10.

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