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Dick Morris Boldly Lies On FOX News About Ron Paul VS Obama Poll Numbers


Airing Date Jan 02 2012

Here are the facts Mr Morris

Ron Paul is the closest after Romney to Obama in Rasmussen polling only %8 points behind. Dick Morris in this video claims Ron Paul is 20 points behind Obama.
I don't know whats worse, Dick Morris's out right lie or the fact that Greta Van Susteren did not correct him.Even if she didnt know the exact numbers she should know 20 percentage points is extremely extreme. Fair and balance indeed.

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I just sent an email including this You Tube clip to PolitiFact.

Not that they will do anything, but maybe there will be an intern working this who doesn't know any better :)

I left all three...

...Faux Snooze evening shows droning on behind me here at the PC tonight. And of course they batted 1.000:

Orally... complete smear on Talking Points with follow-up smears throughout.

Scamnity... every candidate but Perry (and RP) with smear after smear after smear.

Greta... Perry got his turn followed by Toesy, Rove, etc.

Switched after that to the PMSNBC replays of Ed, Maddow, and Lawrence O. Pretty much the same but maybe not quite as bad.

Anybody got a CNN report on Burnett, Cooper, and that gang??