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Texas volunteers fuel Ron Paul's Iowa surge

DES MOINES, Iowa — The stage is set for a wild showdown in Iowa for the Republican presidential caucuses on Tuesday...

Dimitri Kesari, Paul's deputy campaign manager, said the candidate values the Constitution and he's consistent. That's part of the reason why volunteers from across the country brave the wicked Midwestern cold to help.

"I don't think our volunteers care about poll numbers; they are just enthusiastic about making sure we can turn out all our people," Kesari said. "If we turn out who we need to turn out, then we have a good chance of doing very well here."

Source with video: WFAA

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New CNN Iowa Polling numbers

When Independents and dem cross-overs are counted, the numbers look like this:

Ron Paul: 26%

Mitt Romney: 22%

Rick Santorum 14%