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Do you wear a hat when you go out?

Wearing a pin on the back of your hat is an ideal way to let people see Ron Paul in plain view, where they least expect it, in mid air. Use the 2 1/2 " pins instead of the lapel pins, the bigger can be seen better. You don't want to wear the pin in front & limit it to those who are facing you. You'll have to look at your hat colors/ designs & figure out which buttons go best. If its a blue hat, you could wear a blue button so all people clearly saw was Ron Paul in white, same thing for a white hat, writing in blue. The red should be worn w/ colors that go well w/ red. All of a sudden people are looking around & see Ron Paul right in front of them, it has an effect, an impact. Its not a newspaper where they're expecting to see him, or a car bumper sticker, or a shirt w/ Ron Paul as part of the design, its just the name, sitting there in the middle of nowhere, where its not expected. Its accepted differently. We all know Grandfather Paul has a different connotation than the rest of the candidates, he is set apart, the only thing he has in common with them is that he can be voted on, hes Republican. Ron Paul in plain view has a different kind of impact than Ron Paul in the newspaper, Ron Paul on TV, in a magazine. Ron Paul on a hat is somewhere where he's not expected to be seen. Make Ron Paul a part of people's everyday lives where they least expect it. It would be kind of like a magazine article written on the polio vaccine & in the middle of the sentence, Ron Paul appears & you say what? Or after a sentence, Ron Paul. And you say, what, why is that there? Where its least expected.

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