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Obradovich: Ignore pundits; be proud of your role

...You’ll know who won the vote tonight at the 1,774 precincts around the state. But you’ll likely be hit with a barrage of punditry trying to tell you why your vote may not have mattered, why some candidate isn’t viable beyond Iowa, or why the people of this state are unrepresentative, or some other drivel.

Don’t listen to it. If you show up and cast your vote, then you will have done what mattered. Don’t let some talking head in the Beltway or in New York City tell you otherwise. They’re invited to watch, and they’ll say what they will. But they don’t get to make a choice in Iowa tonight. You do.

When you arrive at your caucus site tonight, there may be people waving signs and yelling that Iowa’s process is undemocratic. It’s their constitutional right, but they are wrong. Precinct caucuses, and the campaign that preceded them, are a starting point for moving candidates and issues through the political process. It’s true that you have to show up to participate, but that’s true of most things in life...


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great article

Very good writing. There's exactly one candidate mentioned by name, too..........

What is begun in anger, ends in shame.