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Confessions of a Paul-aholic

Just recently finished this blog post, my own testimonial about how I came to join the Ron Paul Revolution. Hope you all enjoy!

All the signs are there: The Facebook posts. The Tweeting. The late night YouTube-ing. The bumper stickers. The rants that can seemingly springboard from any subject and somehow always wrap up with something about "The Fed". The blogging.

I can't hide from it any longer. It's time to accept the Truth.

My name is Marc, and I'm a Paul-aholic.

Some might call it an unhealthy obsession. Others probably just think I'm a right-wing loonie. Or maybe even one of those "conspiracy theorists"! After all, Ron Paul's just that wacky guy who's always yapping about the Federal Reserve and blaming the US for 9/11. Some of you probably think I've just plain lost it and need to find a new hobby.

I can't deny any of the above. After all, "perception is reality". Our perceptions in regards to political discourse have largely been shaped by the media and politicians to make everything nice and simple for us. All that you have to do is decide which "side" you are on - left or right, Democrat or Republican - walk into the booth and click away! But how to decide which "team" you're on? Let's break it down:

Democrats aka "the left" are for the "little guy", support unions, want to tax the rich, defend civil liberties, are pro-choice and for gun control, and are anti-war (ish).

Republicans aka "the right" are for the corporations, hate unions, want lower taxes, champion the Police State, love God and guns, and are really itchin' to "bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran".

Man, this voting stuff is as easy as making delicious Pillsbury Biscuits!!! Mmmm...biscuits.

"Marc! Stop pandering for a blog sponsor! Yeah, we get it, the political system in this country is dumbed-down, over-simplified and stupid. This Ron Paul bro is just another one of those politicians - a Republican no less! - so who cares?"

Well, Imaginary Contrarian Voice In My Head, how about a quick little back story so you get where I'm comin' from, eh?

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Good read

Good read

As long as we are confessing

Sometimes I troll neocons.

Then flame really hard.

Just a confession.

"Freedom Is A Road Seldom Traveled By The Multitude." - Frederick Douglass

Is it wrong to bump your own post?

Just wanted to give it a quick bump since it mostly got buried during all the hoo-hah about Iowa on Tuesday.

*Advancing the Ideas of Liberty Daily*

Excellent Summary

It is not easy to put together a few paragraphs describing the motivations to converting to a "Paul-aholic." The exercise is much better suited for a lengthy book. Excellent job summing it up into a concise and readable form!

Lions of Liberty: The Book?

Maybe, just maybe...

*Advancing the Ideas of Liberty Daily*

Followed by

Lions of Liberty the Movie!

I know it's been said before...

...but we've already won. This is the kind of worldview shift that you don't "recover" from. Everything suddenly fits, and to break away from it would destroy your integrity.


I do believe we're past the tipping point.

I agree

with what you have said, especially regarding how breaking away would destroy your integrity.

I hear you!!

I too spend more time on the Internet reading about Dr. Paul, Liberty candidates and other Liberty related material. I have taken to educating myself more on economics and freedom, than I do for my primary job in the technology field. I spend time talking with friends and family regarding Ron Paul and the original intent of our founding documents. I speak to my kids and step-kids as to why they should always research the candidates and apply the constitutional litmus test to each...and too never accept what others are telling you. In fact, yesterday while reading some new DP posts, my youngest 4yr old daughter was walking around with the Ron Paul Super Brochure and singing how Ron Paul was the best for America because he wants us free...!!! The last couple of election cycles, coupled with the current state of GLOBAL affairs, is waking many up and I truly believe we are in a very historic time. The cross roads is now and I often wonder how we will be viewed by history.......

That's great...

about your daughter! Must make for a proud papa!

*Advancing the Ideas of Liberty Daily*

Amen, brother

I feel you. Once you pop the top on a sweet can of Liberty and by extension, Ron Paul, it's hard to stop.

ecorob's picture

history will prove us all right, my friend...

no matter how the rest of our lives play out we know that once, we stood tall for liberty

we're not done!

does anyone seriously believe that anyone but Paul and romney will duke it out?

in a 12 round fight you go the distance

romney, too, will fade

i am prepared to work now in tennessee for our march 6th primary

remember our goal? to be the last two men standing, right?

round one is over and in the judge's hands

is everyBODY here ready for round two?

sleep well, tonight, my friends, no matter the outcome we've done our best in Iowa to wake up the echoes of LIBERTY

there is much work to do tomorrow..

Ron Paul
see you in NH, SC, FL, NV, TN, CA, TX...and all points in between!

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

Well put!

For sure! It's a marathon not a race! And marathon may mean spending the rest of my whole darn life promoting liberty.

*Advancing the Ideas of Liberty Daily*

I never spent much time on

I never spent much time on the internet before I googled Ron Paul in 2007. It has become an unhealthy habit I am working on... however, because of RP I ran for delegate and ran for office and won. He's changed my life. Also went back to school and got another degree because of RP. He's my hero.

just curiuos...

what office did you achieve and what degree did you go back for?

No doubt I am on the internet way too much now thanks to Ron Paul!

*Advancing the Ideas of Liberty Daily*

Won City council and GOP

Won City council and GOP chair.
Certified Paralegal. (Have a B.S. in Secondary Education but love doing legal research) I love talking about the rule of law.

That's great!

Congrats on both! All I've got to show is a much smaller bank account and and this blog, but it's a start...

*Advancing the Ideas of Liberty Daily*


My journey is somewhat like yours, in that I started paying attention to Ron Paul in the late 90's, forgot about him for a while, and was blown away when I learned he was running for President in 2007.

Great article...it's long, but Paulaholism is a long story. Short stories can NEVER explain Paulaholism, because it is all about depth, digging beneath the surface of the illusions collectively embraced by everyone in lock-step mentality with the government-media-church-school complex.

I love this paragraph toward the end:

I don't expect everyone who reads this to become an overnight libertarian. Learning about liberty is a process, and the concepts often run contrary to everything we are taught from Day 1 by our schools, the media, and even well-meaning parents who were indoctrinated by the same system. I don't expect everyone to become a "Paul-aholic" or start blogging or even to vote for Ron Paul. But what I do hope is that everyone will seriously consider the issues he is discussing, and think about why nobody else, whether it be our current President or the other establishment Republican candidates, is concerned about the Federal Reserve, or the trillions we spend per year maintaining a global military Empire, or the vastly expanding police state.

Yes. Truly an excellent

Yes. Truly an excellent testimony. Well written and I read it all.


I struggled to try to tighten it up but that's about as short as I could make it and still tell my full story. I never thought someone like Ron Paul would run for President, and when he did I never thought he'd get anywhere. The fact he is being talked about as a frontrunner like it's no big deal right now is blowing me away!

*Advancing the Ideas of Liberty Daily*

Thanks for sharing Marc

Great story! I'll be reading it again when I get more time and checking out all of your linked content.
Big day for liberty. RP 2012!


It's a bit long in the backstory department, but hopefully some others click on a few of the links as well. Getting the truth out about these issues if far more important than political victory.

*Advancing the Ideas of Liberty Daily*

Reading this brings a tear to

Reading this brings a tear to my eye. Love what you guys are doing over at LOL. Keep up the great work

A tear to the eye...

I guess that means we're winning!

*Advancing the Ideas of Liberty Daily*