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BuzzFeed: Ron Paul's Secret Plan to Actually WIN!

Oh oh, our Cat's out of the Bag; the MSM are catching on to the Doc's not-so-hidden stealth plan to actually WIN.

This is how: "Ron Paul’s Secret Plan To Actually Win"


"Ron Paul -- poised to finish strong in the Iowa caucuses – has begun to implement a quiet, complex plan to force a long battle with Mitt Romney for delegates to the Republican National Convention in August. His advantages: Experience, organization, and the legacy of the 2010 Tea Party revival, which convinced Republicans that anti-government figures like Paul just aren’t as weird as they’d thought.

Paul is following the roadmap set by Barack Obama's 2008 strategy: Start early, learn the rules, and use superior organization and devoted young supporters to dominate the arcane but crucial party procedures in states your rivals are ignoring -- states where caucuses and conventions that elect the delegates who will ultimately choose the Republican candidate. The plan begins in places like Minnetonka, Minnesota, a Minneapolis suburb where Paul has based his state headquarters, and where staffers have already begun running “mock-auses” -- practice runs for Minnesota’s February 7 caucuses.

Paul’s rivals dismiss his chances. "Ron Paul's not going to be our nominee," Mitt Romney said flatly in December. But Paul’s organization is girding for the long haul, and while the 76-year old Texan is vanishingly unlikely to be the nominee -- primaries in big states like New York and California could shut him out -- observers in the caucus states say they expect Paul to win, and perhaps sweep, dozens of delegates from unexpected corners of the map. Those delegates, in turn, will give him at least a prominent position at the Republican National Convention, and a plausible shot at emerging as a kingmaker if a strong mainstream challenger to Romney emerges..."

Here's MSNBC's Crazy ED talking about the same BuzzFeed.com article to Salon.com's Joan Walsh & snarky Briton douche Dick Wolfe:


Oh yeah, we're gonna WIN this!

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Our secret is out.

Good read. One thing not mentioned is that ANY passionate group of folk can use the caucuses to maximize their passion and determination. In most of the caucus states, the Mormon church is huge. If Mormons (and especially church leaders) decide to support Romney in a big way, that will blunt our effectiveness in these races. We need to continue to make inroads into the Mormon community.