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70 Minutes of CNN vs. the Invisible Frontrunner Ron Paul


In the final weeks before the Iowa Caucus, Ron Paul has been polling at first place between 20 and 25 percent so you'd think that in the final night before the caucus, frontrunner Ron Paul would be given a great deal of coverage by Morgan on CNN. Instead, for the entire hour Ron Paul's name was mentioned twice but never discussed even once. Instead, there was a 20 minute interview with Newt Gingrich, a candidate that admitted "I don't think I'm going to win" Iowa. Another 20 minutes was spent on an interview with Herman Cain, who had already dropped out of the Republican presidential race. Why is this man still relevant? The remaining time was spent interviewing Iowa Governor Terry Branstad and for some reason Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels was also given time to give his take on the Iowa race. So for one hour, the American public had plenty of time to hear from non-contenders about Mitt Romney, the Santorum "surge", and even Jon Huntsman (who is polling last) and his view that "They pick corn in Iowa. They pick presidents in New Hampshire." But coverage of Ron Paul, the invisible frontrunner, was completely blacked out.