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Common Torture Methods Utilized by Chinese Authorities

The 'savages' know no bounds.


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is this thread a bit random ? Am I missing a point?

Just curious

Why did you post this here?

The USA is no different. I'm

The USA is no different. I'm not worried so much about the internal affairs of China.

In the USA it would be called interrogation or subduing a suspect and many other words that sound nice but mean the same thing.

In China, they call people who protest "political dissidents."

In America, we call protesters "domestic terrorists."

The US is no different

Abu Ghraib


Bagram air base

Black sites world wide

Don't forget the almighty Taser for all of you domestic trouble makers!

Here's what your tax dollars paid for;


Support the troops? Why? So they can sav their consciences that what they were doing had your support?