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I was just on CSPAN!

I told Jesse that his interview with Andrea Mitchell was a good one, and that he will overperform because of his cross-over support.

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except for my nadar vote in 2000

i was a dem as well.

i think that jesse downplayed how many of us there really are because of the narrow-mindedness of christian fundamentalist republicans....

my experience with them has been similar to what i experience when talking to my dem friends - my parents - extended family - damn near everyone i know - all believing that THEY are the only ones thinking about the trees, the air quality, the earth itself......pathetic really - thinking that they hold a higher moral compass than republicans - who they believe simply turn to the bible or prayer for their final answers, which may or may not be true always.

my point is that both sides are sick - ill, if you will.
both are anchored into place. it's people like me - who have always played in their own circles they make in the sandbox - it is we who are less inclined to follow.

so jesse didn't want to hurt ron's chances with fundamentalist christian republicans by stating the fact that he appeals to people who are NOT appealing to them.

i think this is a rational approach.

please don't attack me because of what i just said.
just because i think religion is worthless, doesn't mean i would make it illegal.....

i mean......some people still buy non-organic food!

I heard ya! Good job!

I heard ya! Good job!

you was the democrat? thanks

you was the democrat?

thanks you sneeky little paulite.

I told the truth, I used to

I told the truth, I used to be a Hillary supporter, but I turned back in 07, but me being in Cleveland, I am sure one would gather that this was a recent change tho;-)


I heard you too. Nice job and I am a fellow Buckeye from the Columbus area. Kucinich must have led you to Paul. lol