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Hey Nystrom

Does DP get paid by PACs and campaigns for posting these ads for other candidates?

If so, is it safe to say DP gets money for promoting candidates who will not receive a single dime from anybody on this site?


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... we are free people. If you want to run an equivalent site, go ahead and do it. I'm eternally grateful to Michael for this site. He can jolly well do what he likes. If this sucks advertising dollars from the campaigns of the other candidates, that's fine by me.

In addition, they are no threat to the cause of liberty. In fact, we advance the cause of liberty to allow them to advertise on this site. It's like saying, as you present no threat or competition to our cause, go ahead, we have no qualms.

DP has a budget and asks us for nothing in return. It can seek whatever way it wishes to meet its expenditures. Here in Ron Paul land we are all free, totally and utterly free.

Thanks Michael. You are more than special to us. We have no words to express our gratitude.

Plano TX