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"A Ron Paul win will discredit the mainstream media". embed


Mr Styles says he has friends in the Occupy movement who share his anger at what they see as the domination of the democratic process by powerful vested interests.

"I respect that people are waking up from their apathy," he says of the Occupiers.

This sign got its creator, Nick Styles, thrown out of a Ron Paul campaign event But he has thrown his lot in with Mr Paul, rather than join the Occupiers, because of the strength of the congressman's arguments on the economy and, in particular, his promise to get rid of the Federal Reserve and return the US to the gold standard.

"We have to look into his philosophy a little bit more rather than just taking what he says and thinking it's crazy because it's so far out of the mainstream," he says.

Mr Styles did not get to see his hero in action on this occasion.

He was politely ejected from the hotel by a pair of burly security guards, who took exception to his home-made banner, which reads: "A Ron Paul win will discredit the mainstream media".

The 32-year-old chef does not seem too upset, however.

"I'm going to get it in there for the victory speech. I don't think they can kick me out of that."

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What's happening here is really

a lot more than a political race, with much more than the credibility of the media at stake.

It is a battle of paradigms, of good and evil, of life and death.
The whole new world order is on the chopping block if RP wins, and they know it, and we know it.
The entire world is watching us. They know it, too.

Can we stop the Imperial Death-Star before it plunges all mankind into a new dark age of tyranny?
I think we can, but it isn't going to be easy.

A Ron Paul loss will discredit the media

Here we had a chance to rescue this country from devolving into a full-blown totalitarian police state, but the media kept people asleep by lying incessantly and attacking the greatest statesman of our time.

Seriously, though, it's the PEOPLE who are at fault for crediting the media with objectivity, when there is NO reason whatsoever to do so.


it's the PEOPLE who are at fault for crediting the media with objectivity, when there is NO reason whatsoever to do so

The media have already

The media have already discredited themselves. For years they have been telling us that Ron Paul was a fringe candidate with very vocal but miniscule support. We were told that his supporters made a lot of noise, but percentage wise, he was insignificant.

Now, they are forced to acknowledge him as being the front runner in many polls. They are contradicting what they have been saying about him for years!

So now they tell us that even if he wins in these primaries, it doesn't matter. This is really incredible! If he loses, the poll is significant, but if he wins it doesn't mean anything.

How can anyone believe anything they hear from the media? They refuse to report honestly the results of polls. They have up to the last couple of months purged any mention of Ron Paul in reporting the campaign. And now, they tell us if he wins, it doesn't mean anything.

Mainstream media have discredited themselves!