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[video] CBS: Ron Paul: Rock star

GOP presidential candidate Ron Paul is bona fide hit in Iowa and he's attracting a lot of younger voters. "Early Show" contributor Taryn Winter Brill reports.


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Did you catch that ?

High School Seniors and Juniors can vote in the Caucuses in Iowa.



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as long as You will be 18 on

as long as You will be 18 on election day in november, You can register for the caucus. (saw that on CSPAN)

Super brochure!

Check out the guy at 1:21 in the front row - he has a Super Brochure!

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I really disliked this. They

I really disliked this. They paint Ron as a "rock star" for youth to scream around, not like a serious presidential candidate. Oh well..



Of course..

... CBS has to add the obligatory village idiot to spread a couple of lies and throw cold water on the fires of freedom. I despise the media. No TV, no newspapers, no nothing.

Plano TX

Pretty good

But like typical talking heads they have to waste most of the video with their own blabber.

Art Sanders? Tax payer funded no-nothing-nobody.

He'll be looking for a new job once Ron Paul wins. I think he'd make a good street corner newspaper salesman. Or something like that.

Really nice piece...

but the "scholar" they interviewed was a total joke, and they did a stronger promotion for Romney right after this video.