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Do you have plans for tomorrow? "GOP Will Not Allow Ron Paul To Win."

I am reading and listening to the news, trying to sniff out the "talking points" for the day, and they do smell.
NPR this morning quoted Ron Paul as saying he "did not expect to occupy the White House." In another story, they tout the enormous support Santorum has on facebook, while admitting Ron Paul does better overall, Santorum had a 23% increase! Got to love statistics, make them show whatever you want.
As I watch, I realize they have no fear of being outed, they plan to push this all the way. I would LOVE to come back here tomorrow and say, "Well, I was wrong" because that would mean Ron Paul did well in Iowa. But if I smell the trend here correctly, we need to be prepared for tomorrow. Obviously, Mittens will win, but Rick Santorum will "get the momentum" and come in a close second, and then as Conservatives decide that as much as Ron Paul inspires them, he is just not electable and they put Gingrich in third, with Paul bringing in maybe 5%. Yes, i think they will lie that big.
They are this bold:

If they do this, what can we do?

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Fishy, I am glad you popped

Fishy, I am glad you popped back in at the same time as me. You were always one of my favorite posters, and I knew you spoke from the heart regardless of what others thought.

I'm with you...almost. I'm still allowing myself the peace to believe we should be celebrating. People on here have been harsh when I espoused non-mainstream theories before. When I mentioned my concern less than 24 hours before polls opened, folks on here gushed to assure me in detail there could not be tampering.

Some troll from the UK even logged in to tell us not to go to a site where Jim Condit was warning people about vote fraud. Said user then proceeded to trash Condit, I believe about something they had just read from a small "Catholic" site that hates him for exposing them. http://www.dailypaul.com/199365/iowa-caucus-night-info-open-...

The logic was so ridiculous, as if Ron Paul stood to lose more because some guy whom the poster didn't think he should be associated with was warning voters to be on the lookout. I just skimmed it quickly. I remember Condit's name from "The Final Solution To Adolph Hitler", http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=6759022809518563654 which made me question pretty much everything I had been taught about history. The guy definitely is against Zionist elites, but didn't come across as the claims in the post, at least as best I remember. If my thinking is wrong, let me know. I didn't bother to reply to the poster because I wanted to concentrate on the election results.

Because I'm still on the fence about the vote being fixed, can you tell me and the more assured folks why you think there was fraud? I've been too entertained/riled by the stuff on here(i need to ban myself for a bit :)) to bother to read those other sites regarding the vote fraud, but will in awhile. As you can see, I'm open minded to about anything that can convince me logically. It's odd how much BETTER I feel when I think it wasn't rigged and just a regular 3rd place finish. The human mind fascinates me, though my silly one often confounds me. :) Welcome back! (PS I still want to talk about your Year Of Jubilee theory, as I've only seen there are disagreements about when it is and forgot what you said about it)

It looks like no one read it anyway, but still...

So they were a little mroe subtle than I expected, but they still robbed RP. And when someone asked pre-empltively "What will we do about it?" no one thought the question worth considering.
Well, it is today. RP "will NOT be president," they have told us plainly, and they have made it plain they will steal elections.
Are we going to address this problem, or keep pretending winning more voters will fix it? Can we talk about vote fraud in a meaningful way now?
(Will this thread just roll away again, with nothing but pleasantries for comments?)

Love or fear? Chose again with every breath.

Very nice to see you back

Very nice to see you back here Fishy

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