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Can you guys help with a list?

Can you guys help with a list? My uncle is bouncing to everybody except ron paul, hes on santorum now. But recently hes been complaining about rons "voting record". I dont know how rons record is spotless. But anyway can you list a few of the worst bills in the past few years so i can put together a chart or something that shows all current candidates stanceson issues, maybe if i show him that he'll get his mind right.

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Dr. Know (No)

Perhaps, your uncle believes that passing sponsored bills is a good thing; more laws, more government and more spending.

Dr. Paul's record is spotless. He voted NO on 600 bills. That is what he was elected to do; to make government smaller and less intrusive.

Santorum is for big government, gun control, foreign aid, and trigger happy for wars.

Santorum has never served in the military.

More information on this link http://www.dailypaul.com/198706/ron-paul-interview-on-cnn-to...

It is not hard to search for all the liberal positions and votes Santorum has taken, and the liberal politicians he supported.

Perhaps, your Uncle insinuates that not passing sponsored bills reflects the inability for Dr. Paul to influence or control the congress. This is a perception based upon the status quo in D.C. It is false. It is surrender to politicians.

When Dr. Paul is POTUS, he commands the bully pulpit and has veto power. Most importantly, Dr. Paul attracts and motivates a wide spectrum of citizens; Republicans, Democrats, Independents, minorities, young and old.

Here is a very cool site that will help

This site has it all for you,It also has all the crap the others have voted for.Be sure to click on the "Full quotes" also,Good luck!


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