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Rand Paul Guest On CBS 'The Early Show'


(CBS News) Politics is a family affair for Texas congressman Ron Paul, among the leaders in polls in Iowa among Republican presidential hopefuls heading into today's caucuses.

His son, Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.), is stumping for his father in Iowa.


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Schieffer Crashed and Burned.......Ha!

We have the ammo and all they have is lies and more lies..

Wayne Paul clip

Thanks for posting. Canadian doing all I can to awaken all my friends that live in the USA.

Rand Paul is gangsta

He put her down like a horse with a broken leg. Ouch. He's cool calm and collected. Great job Dr Paul part 2

Ron really gave it back to that Bitch

Ron Paul needs to hire Rand permantly as his Press Secretary.

He stays cool and calm, and just unmasks all the distortions point-by-point.

Wayne Paul/Alex Jones Interview

Wayne Paul (Ron's brother) is talking about Election Fraud wit Alex Jones! Listen in!!


Rand is awesome

Just think, If Rand was running we would be dominating this race right now. If Ron is not nominated, I'm voting Obama so that Rand can run in 2016... if we make it that long.

I admit, I haven't been much

I admit, I haven't been much of a cheerleader for Rand, but I have to say, getting him out there speaking on behalf of his father is the BEST thing the campaign could've done. SO DAMN ARTICULATE. He does masterfully what is so hard to do. He takes COMMAND of the interview!

How awful. She used the word

How awful. She used the word prostitution to scare the undecided caucus goes from voting for Ron Paul. I too have never heard him use that word. Nasty.

Rand did good in MSM's desperate 11'th hour attack

My only critique is that I wished he'd mentioned Ron Paul's military experience and overwhelming military support when questioned about his dad's ability as Commander in Chief.

If men are good, you don't need government; if men are evil or ambivalent, you don't dare have one.

More smear

What is this garbage? I hate the fear mongering that goes on everywhere around me. "He is going to legalize drugs?! Prostitution?!?!" What kind of father do you have sir? If I was Rand I would have probably got in her face and told her to not talk about my family like that. I would have told her that both myself and my father are medical doctors, honest politicians, and saviors of our dying freedom. What the heck have you done except impose your communistic values through your nationalized crap education and shotty job as a reporter? B!tch.

They really don't get it

The problem is that they really don't get it.

Schieffer takes it for granted that our troops are in Japan and N. Korea for good reason, and that talking about taking them out is foolish. But they might start coming around, maybe.

"Know what you know, know what you don't know, and understand and appreciate the distinction."


Coming around? That's gonna be a big round ;)

These people were so busy sinking themselves deeper and deeper into their own propaganda sewer, I feared they might drown..

Rand made a Stand!

Freedom has a future, a long and prosperous future!

Now I can go and try to get some sleep ;)

From Amsterdam, Holland, with utmost respect and appreciation,

Bob Scheiffer and

whatever her name is were obviously not interested in asking about Ron's positions, they were only interested in smearing him again. Do I care what Cong. King thinks? Or Ron Paul is for prostitution? The media is so elitist and so self-loving it really makes me sick.

rand paul for president

I have been an active libertarian since college for the past 25-years. I believe RAND is cut from the same cloth as his DAD and certainly has a better ability to communicate our ideas effectively. I believe we may have to wait for him to run before we have a decent shot at the white house. Once the hyper-inflation kicks in we will rise.

Rand Paul owned these propagandists!

No exaggeration.

Rand walked right over them, like the trolls that they are.



Ive always liked Rand since

Ive always liked Rand since he came onto the scene but thought that he would never get to be as big as his dad... Ive changed my mind and believe i'd be just as big of a supporter of him as I am his father.

Did you see his speech at

Did you see his speech at CPAC?:


Nice to have a back-up Paul..

The only thing better than one Dr. Paul is two Dr. Pauls...

lol ive thought that myself.

lol ive thought that myself. nice to read it. :)

That old guys head looked

That old guys head looked like it was going to explode when he said RP wanted to bring troops home from japan and s korea. Like he just couldnt fathom doing something so outrages as not keeping troops there?! Where is the disconnect between these people and normal Americans??

That's because Bob remembers the "other empire"...

That's because Bob is old enough to probably remember when the ROMAN EMPIRE had to pull back its troops. He just can't stand to see it happen "twice" in his lifetime ;-)

Senator Paul

Rand is really getting good at dealing with the devil. He is coming into own which is very good for the movement.

And this is where the new generations

of talking-heads learn to be disingenuous hacks.

"I never submitted the whole system of my opinions to the creed of any party of men whatever in religion, in philosophy, in politics, or in anything else where I was capable of thinking for myself." - Thomas Jefferson

back to heroin and hookers

This clip provides evidence that Ron Paul issuing some tear-filled mea culpa (not that he would) about the politically incorrect newsletters would be an exercise in futility.

It's amazing to watch how out of sorts the MSM reporters become when they suspect that voters are not following along with the MSM's conventional "wisdom".

When propaganda doesn't work tyrants get mad

And begin lying and violating the law.

Look at...

The daggers coming out of her eyes at the end of the interview. Rand did a good job here deflecting the drug charges. I notice in the comment section of a lot of sites (as well as talking to older people) that they all think Ron appeals only to junkies and hippies. It's a shame really.

They should want the good doctor elected.

He might legalize presstitution as well.